Nalan Restaurant – Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

Nalan Restaurant - Restaurant FrontNalan Restaurant at the basement of Capitol Piazza looks posh for an Indian vegetarian restaurant but the prices are actually pretty reasonable.

While most Indian restaurants serve either Northern or Southern Indian cuisine, Nalan serves a good variety of both. Check out their menu.

Nalan Restaurant - IdliA good example of South Indian cuisine is Idli [S$10 for 3 pieces] which comes with 3 accompanying dipping sauce.

Nalan Restaurant - Paper ThosaiAnother South Indian staple is thosai, a thin pancake made from batter of various fermented pulses and rice four. Nalan Restaurant offers 18 types of thosai. I chose Paper Thosai [S$12] because I like the crispiness. It comes with a small mount of potato masala in the middle, which is delicious.

Nalan Restaurant - Garlic NaanNaan are from North Indian and they are perfect for mopping up all the delicious curries. There are Plain Naan [S$5], Butter/Garlic/Sesame Naan [S$6], Layered Naan [S$6] and Cheese Naan [S$7].

Nalan Restaurant - Paneer Butter MasalaPaneer Butter Masala [S$23] is my favorite Indian dish. Paneer is a type of cheese made from buffalo milk or cow milk. This cheese is cooked in a thick creamy gravy of tomatoes, butter and cream. Perfect for non-spicy and cheese-lovers like me.

Nalan Restaurant - Channa MasalaChanna Masala [S$20] is also not spicy, this time it’s chickpeas cooked in tangy onion and tomato paste.

Nalan Restaurant - Kadai PaneerKadai Paneer [S$23] is slightly spicy with a rich onion-tomato gravy.

Nalan Restaurant - Mango LassiMango Lassi [S$11] is my go-to drink in any Indian restaurant. It is a yogurt drink so it aids digestion. I like that the mango lassi here is not overly sweet.

Nalan Restaurant (Capitol)

Address: 13 Stamford Road, Capitol Singapore B2-54, Singapore 178905

Telephone: 97334289

Nalan Restaurant (Little India)

Address: 82 Serangoon Road, Singapore 217987

Telephone: 91718282

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 11.30pm


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