Dong Bei Xiao Chu 东北小厨 – Traditional North-Eastern Chinese Dishes

Singapore was and still is predominately a Chinese country. Chinese stand for more than a third of Singapore’s population. With the influx of people from mainland China who came to Singapore to look for better opportunities, Singapore is looking more and more like “little China”. This phenomen is especially evident in Chinatown, the part of […]


Genki Sushi (Chinatown Point) – All Time Japanese Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant

My first encounter with Genki Sushi was back in 2015 when I had a great meal at the Bugis + outlet. In 2017, I am going back to Genki Sushi, this time I am going to the outlet at Chinatown Point.  Let’s see if the quality is consistent at the different outlet and if there […]