About Hungry Ghost

I used to be a lanky scrawny kid when I was young. I remember that I couldn’t even finish a serving of food by myself back then. Friends and family used to call me “bamboo pole” because I was very tall for a girl of my age and very thin.

All that changed in secondary school. Puberty came and it never quite went away. I started to eat a lot and I loved to eat. My high metabolism back then meant that I do not gain weight no matter how much I ate. I eat 3-4 times what others eat and I was constantly hungry. People called me “bottomless pit” because they have no idea where all those food went to.

I used to blog about the food I ate on my old Blogger blog, until a friend pointed out that I should start a food review blog. Thus, I started Hungry Ghost. 

Hungry Ghost is the place where people can read honest reviews of restaurants, hidden gems, cafes and all sorts of dining establishments in Singapore.

If there is a specific restaurant you want me to review, please email me at hello@thungryghost.sg.