Work with Hungry Ghost

Hungry Ghost is a new kid in the fast-growing food blogging community. Launched in 2014, Hungry Ghost is growing, both on the website (in terms of page views) as well as on the various social media channels.  

These are my statistics as of 24th June 2018:

Monthly pageview: 6000

  • 5600 unique visitors 
  • 5300 organic search 

Facebook: 221 Followers

Instagram: 3117 Followers

Twitter: 182 Followers

Pinterest: 4700 monthly viewers

Hungry Ghost will be honoured to be given a chance to do food-related advertorials, social media engagements or hosting. 

If you would like to work with Hungry Ghost, I offer the following options: 

Review of Restaurant: $50 per post

Hungry Ghost promises to do its best in highlighting your establishment without compromising on the integrity and quality of the review. 

  • a thorough review of restaurant
  • clear photographs taken by myself that will be displayed along with the post
  • promotion of review posts on Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest 

Selling of Advertisement Space

Horizontal 468 x 20 advertisement banner: $20 per month 

Square 200 x 200 advertisement space: $10 per month

Hungry Ghost will also gladly receive any requests from guest bloggers who would like to post on Hungry Ghost. 

These are currently the services I provide. If you are looking other forms of collaboration that are not listed here, please email me at to discuss.