Kreams Krafthouse – Instagram-Worthy Korean Cafe with Maple Leaves

Korean cafes have been opening one after another thanks to Korean dramas. Besides being featured in that certain Korean drama, there is nothing to set it apart from any other cafes.  But a cafe with maple leaves? Now, that’s something new.  If you want to visit Kreams Krafthouse, try to visit on a weekday. I […]


Fluff Stack (Northpoint City) – Soufflé Pancakes

Ever since I had my first taste of Japanese pancakes at Belle-Ville Pancake House (Square 2), I can’t forgot the cloud-like softness of the pancakes. I know that Fluff Stack is another cafe that serves Japanese soufflé pancakes but its location at Suntec City Mall is not very convenient for me. Now that Fluff Stack […]


Ma Ma Spin Pot 麻姐旋转火锅 (Woodlands) – Garden-Themed Hotpot Restaurant

It has been more than a year since I last had hotpot at Bugis Hotpot & BBQ Buffet. I searched Google for a hotpot place and Ma Ma Spin Pot 麻姐旋转火锅 sounded interesting. I read that conveyor-belt hotpot is not a new concept but this is my first time to one so I am still […]


Menya Sanji (Tanjong Pagar) – Kagoshima Ramen Restaurant

Singaporeans love a good bowl of Japanese ramen anytime, which explains why Japanese ramen shops have been popping up in Singapore like wild mushrooms. I have been eyeing this Menya Sanji ramen restaurant next to Keisuke Tonkutsu King ever since it opened in December 2016. Takamori Saigo, Takayoshi Kido and Tochimishi Okubo were known as […]


Jue Wei Ban Cai 绝味拌菜 – Affordable Shanxi Cuisine in Chinatown

After trying out cheap massage at People’s Park Complex, I was hungry and decided to get some lunch.  I walked past Jue Wei Ban Cai 绝味拌菜 on my way in and the liangpi looked really tempting. I have not had a good bowl of liangpi in a very long while and I really miss it. Liangpi […]


Chunky Lobsters – Cheapest Lobster Rolls in Singapore

It has been many months since I had lobster roll at Burger & Lobster (Changi Airport) and I have been craving for it. I found this eatbook article that talks about 10 places in Singapore to have lobster rolls. Perfect! I’m going to start with Chunky Lobsters which has the cheapest lobster rolls of the lot. […]


Bismillah Biryani Restaurant – Probably The Best Biryani Anywhere?

After I published my review on Islamic Restaurant on Facebook, a Facebook user commented that Islamic Restaurant is overrated. He suggested that I try out Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant and Bismillah Biryani Restaurant.  I have already tried Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant and now I finally have the chance to visit Bismillah Biryani Restaurant. Let’s see how their […]


Ayam Penyet President (Hillion Mall) – Affordable Indonesian Cuisine

Ayam penyet is one of the most iconic Indonesian dish where fried chicken is smashed using pestle and mortar to make it softer. I have already had ayam penyet at Ayam Penyet Ria and Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut. Today, I want to introduce to you another Indonesian restaurant that specializes in ayam penyet, aptly named […]


La Cafe & Bar by Masterpiece – Western, Asian and Filipino Cuisine

“La” means “the” in French so I thought La Cafe & Bar by Masterpiece is a French restaurant. French food is known to be notoriously expensive, I was hesitant about visiting this restaurant.  A closer look at the menu reveals that La Cafe & Bar is actually an Asian restaurant. This restaurant serves not only […]


Hansang Korean Family Restaurant – Pricey Authentic Korean Restaurant

Hidden in the labyrinth of shops on the third floor of Square 2 @ Velocity, Hansang Korean Family Restaurant is not the easiest to find. The name says “family restaurant” so I was expecting a cosy family-style restaurant but it turned out to be a grand modern restaurant in dark brown wooden colors. The 12-page […]