Street Food

Tai-Croissant – Taiyaki and Croissant Fusion Pastry Snack

I have been craving for some taiyaki, the fish-shaped Japanese snack. When I passed by Tai-Croissant at the basement of Clementi Mall, I couldn’t resist getting some. Tai-Croissant originated in Taiwan in 2015 and it came to Singapore in 2018.  Tai-Croissant specializes in taiyaki with croissant skin. There are 13 sweet and savory flavors to […]


Daily Scoop (Sunset Way) – Hidden Away Ice-Cream Shop in Sunset Way

I don’t know about you but the perfect way to end a great meal for me is to have some sweet and creamy ice-cream. After a delicious meal of sushi at Genki Sushi (Chinatown Point), my friend drove us to Sunset Way for ice-Cream.  I have been wanting to try out The Daily Scoop’s ice-cream […]


Jinjja Chicken – Korean Fast Food Restaurant

Jinjja Chicken is a new Korean fast food restaurant that I “stumbled” upon at the basement of The Clementi Mall. Originating from South Korea, Jinjja Chicken aims to take Korean fast food beyond just fried chicken and fries.  Jinjja Chicken serves Korean fried chicken wings and drumsticks, noodles which are known as “myeon” in Korean, […]