Hong Kong Kitchen 香港小厨

Located along Clementi Road, Hong Kong Kitchen has been there for quite a number of years. I have always meant to give it a try, but never got the chance until today.

Sauteed Sliced Fish with Onion and Ginger topped with Rice would have been a nice meal on its own if the fish had been fresher.

If you are looking for something lighter, Sliced Beef Noodle is a good option. Portion size is reasonable but I do wish there could be more slices of that great-tasting beef.

Wok-Fried French Bean with Spicy Dried Shrimps is quite well-done. The fragrance of the dried shrimps brought out the sweetness of the french beans. It’s not too spicy, just enough to make you want more. 

Good old Tomato and Egg Soup which is not very common nowadays. I love how they manage to make the egg so fluffy and golden, I can never do that. 

You cannot imagine how much I have missed having Grilled Mutton. I like the balance between the lean meats and blocks of fats but they could have been more generous with the spices. In China, this is normally eaten by the dozens, but it is too expensive to do it here. 
Although the name of the restaurant is Hong Kong Kitchen, but one look at the menu and you will realize that it is a Chinese restaurant through and through, with special emphasis on seafood and Sichuan cuisine. I am looking forward to trying out the signature seafood dishes and numb-spicy Sichuan dishes.
Hong Kong Kitchen 
Address: 24 Clementi Road
Telephone: 67790788

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