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Cafe-Hopping: Craftsmen Speciality Coffee

After our first cafe-hopping experience (where we went to Waffle Slayer, Spatula Bakery and The Royals Cafe), Mariem and I have become addicted to cafe-hopping. Today we went on our second round of cafe-hopping.

Second stop, Craftsmen Specialty Coffee.

Just look at all the delicious cakes. Don’t they just look so tempting?
The moment I saw the pastries, I immediately know what I am going to get. Butter Croissant. No doubt about it.
My choice of drink will of course be my favourite Hot Chocolate. Theirs is more milky than chocolatey. 
Just look at the Butter Croissant. Isn’t it a beauty? The outside is slightly flaky and the inside is airy and buttery.

Hot Chocolate and Butter Croissant, aren’t they the perfect couple?
Ever since my first encounter with this tasty Spanish snack at Churriosity, I have been wanting to eat more of it. Cinnamon Churros With Ice-Cream brings the enjoyment of churros to a whole new level. The churros are crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Eat it with the sweet and cold vanilla ice-cream and you’re going to love it.
Karamel Krunch Cake is a complete disappointment although it looks really pretty. The caramel frosting is too sweet and the sponge cake is way too dense. We gave up after just a few spoons.
Address: 2 First Street, Siglap V #01-01
Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday 8.30am – 10pm; Friday – Saturday 8.30am – 9.30pm

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