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Cafe-Hopping: Spatula Bakery

I have promised Mariem that I will do cafe-hopping with her, but I never got the time to fulfil my promise. Mariem has requested that I spend 31st July with her as her birthday present and she decided that she wants to do cafe-hopping. She gave me a list of cafes she want to visit and I planned the route. 

Second stop, Spatula Bakery.

I knew I was going to be having a lot of cream and sugar, so I opted for this slightly tangy Strawberry Mango Tea. It was a wise choice.

Mariem ordered this Buttterscotch Milkshake and she likes it very much, so I believe it should taste as good as it looks.
We had a mixture of 5 pieces of brownies and two cupcakes. Mine is Saucy Salted Caramel (the one on the left) and Mariem’s is Mischievous Milo Dinosaur. The cupcakes are so pretty to look at, but the cupcakes themselves are a little disappointing.

The Rainbow Cake looked so pretty, I had to have a piece. This cake is not made of fluffy sponge cake, the layers are made of dense cake. I actually prefer this to the soft sponge cake used elsewhere. A word of caution, it is VERY filling. 
This place is halal-certified, so all Muslim friends can have their cake and eat it too.

Spatula Bakery
Address: 87 Frankel Avenue
Telephone: 6243 3208

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

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