City Hot Pot 旺爐 (One Raffles Place) – Personal Mini Hotpot

I recently had dinner at City Hot Pot 旺爐 with my ex-colleagues. My ex-colleagues have been raving about this hotpot restaurant for a while now and we finally got to try it. 

City Hot Pot - Restaurant FrontThe outlet on level 4 of One Raffles Place was their first outlet which opened in 2014. City Hot Pot gained popularity with their individual pot concept and reasonably-priced ingredients. They have since opened another two outlets in  Guoco Tower and Jurong Point Shopping Centre. 

City Hot Pot – Menu

City Hot Pot - MenuYou can either order the ingredients a la carte or order set meals based on the number of people dining. This is similar to Shi Li Fang’s concept, which takes out the hassle of choosing individual ingredients. 

Since we have 5 people (as per Covid-19 restrictions), we ordered Set H. Every set comes with a choice of staple for each diner and Seasonal VegiCombo. Drinks are available at S$2.99 per glass. 

Each diner has his or her own little pot and each diner can choose their own soup base. You can choose what ingredients to put into your mini hotpot. 

City Hot Pot - CondimentsDue to Covid-19 restrictions, diners cannot go to the counter to choose their own condiments so the staff brought the condiments to each table. Each table has saucers filled with different condiments, you can create your own condiment masterpiece. 

City Hot Pot – Set H 

City Hot Pot - IngredientsSet H has beef, pork and chicken, which is perfect for meeting the varied meat preferences of each diner. I find the Lamb Leg slices slightly thick but the Signature Wagyu Beef and Wagyu Chuck Eye Roll are prefect. 

City Hot Pot - SeafoodCity Hot Pot - Seasonal VegiComboThe ingredients are really fresh, there is a good balance of meat, seafood and vegetables in each set. The soup bases are flavorful which makes the hotpot even more enjoyable. 


I like City Hot Pot’s individual hotpot concept which allow diners to truly customize their hotpot experience. The ingredients are fresh and the soup bases are flavorful. The central locations are a plus too.

Even though City Hot Pot is located at prime CBD district, the prices are quite reasonable.

City Hot Pot - Featured Image

City Hot Pot 

You can find the addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of all 3 outlets here

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