[Closed] Saigon Baguette (Suntec City)

My colleague came back from lunch one day and she was ranting about this new Vietnamese restaurant where she had her lunch which has a very value-for-money set lunch. Mind you, this is someone who is extremely picky about her food and I can count the number of times she was this excited about food during the 6 years I have worked with her. 
Armed with my colleague’s rave review and a hungry stomach, I set off to find this Vietnamese restaurant called Saigon Baguette. 

There are 4 choices for both the main dish and side dish. I ordered exactly what my colleague asked me to order which is Dry Noodle with Grilled Pork & Spring Roll and side dish Chicken Wings, drink is Iced Lychee.

Dry Noodle with Grilled Pork & Spring Roll is a symphony of taste and texture condensed into a single bowl. Accompaniments to the dry rice noodles are crushed peanuts, fried onions and chopped cabbage, topped with fried spring roll and grilled pork balls. The fried spring rolls are made the traditional Vietnamese way, thin rice wrap filled with ground pork, carrotc, cabbage, bean sprouts, egg and rice vermicelli. The best thing about the fried spring rolls? They do not have the oiliness that is often associated with fried spring rolls. The grilled pork balls are flavorsome and has a nice bite to it. 
The Chicken Wings are marinated and coated with a layer of honey and sesame that makes the chicken wings rather addictive.

Priced at $14.90 at just $14.90 for a main, a side dish and a drink makes this a value-for-money lunch set that gives you a taste of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. I have every intention of trying the other 3 main dishes and side dishes because the food has left a good impression on me. 

Saigon Baguette (Suntec City)
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City East Wing #)3-348/349
Telephone: 63370898

Saigon Baguette (Marina Square)
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-201
Telephone: 63390898
Opening Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm

Saigon Baguette (The Central)
Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Road, The Central #01-58/59
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm

Saigon Baguette (One KM)
Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Road, One KM #02-38
Telephone: 67022400
Opening Hours: 10am – 9.30pm

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