Cocoa Colony (Suntec City)

Cocoa Colony was founded in 1848 by two Spanish aristocrat brothers, Carlos and Louie, when they accidently stumbled upon ”Amazonian Gold” cocoa beans when they were shipwrecked.
Not only is cocoa delicious, it has various health benefits too. Cocoa is a powerful antioxidant, it improves blood flow, prevents weight gain, protects your skin and even improves brain function!
Cocoa Colony has taken over the spot previously occupied by Casa Italia, at Tower 3 of Suntec City Mall. The window seats are extremely popular where you can get a bird’s-eye view of the surroundings.


Cocoa 100 is the original recipe of hot cocoa created by the Brothers, 100% rich and thick cocoa for the true cocoa addicts. Cocoa 76, which is what I am having now, is created especially for the weight-conscious ladies who enjoy cocoa but want something less sweet. Cocoa 38 is created for those who prefer a sweeter beverage.



If you want something rich and cold, try Sea Salt Caramel Coffee Smoothie. A layer layer of thick premium coffee at the bottom, followed by rich milk coffee and topped with ice-blended salted caramel. Mix everything together and you get a rich coffee drink with just a hint of salty sweetness.
The ordinary egg mayonnaise sandwich is instantly brought up a level in Truffle Egg & Cucumber Sandwich by the addition of truffle oil while the chopped cucumber slices balances out the oiliness of the dish.
If you are looking for something classic, you can try Original Mac & Cheese but the pungent cheese used was too strong for my delicate palate and I had a hard time stomaching it.


There is a merchandise corner where you can get gourmet chocolate bars, espresso cups, gift sets, steel mugs and thumbdrives shaped like gold bars. They are ideal as a gift for that cocoa-addict friend or family.
Cocoa Colony is still rather new in Singapore, having only entered Singapore in December 2014, but the brand is expanding rapidly with plans to open up to 12 outlets in Singapore and expand into Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and London in the next few years.
Addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of all 7 outlets in Singapore can be found here.

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