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Colllin’s Grille Bento (Marina Square)

Collin’s Grille & Bento is known affectionately as Collin’s. A new outlet has quietly taken over the spot previously owned by Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill. 
Collin’s Grille & Bento was founded by Chef Collin Ho, who has 15 years of culinary experience under his belt and his experience working in 5-star hotels has helped him to hone his skills in Western cuisine.  
Colllin's Grille Bento

Colllin's Grille Bento
Collin’s Valulicious Lunch Deal is such a steal at just $9.90. Top up for a side of Truffle Mushroom, Truffle Fries, Premium Ice Cream, Ice Lemon Tea or Breaded Oyster (2pcs).
Colllin's Grille Bento
This is one of the top-up side dishes, Breaded Oyster. I am fairly surprised they are able to serve such quality oysters during the busy lunch hour. The oyster is fresh and creamy, the crispy coating outside gives it a difference in texture. 
Colllin's Grille Bento
If you are looking for a starter dish to share, I highly recommend Tempura Squid Tentacles. Fresh squid is coated with tempura batter and deep-fried till golden-brown. Have them with the tartar sauce provided for a delicious snack. 

Colllin's Grille Bento
Half Roasted Chicken is one of the specialities of Collin’s. The chicken is well-marinated and roasted till the meat are fork-tender. Served with fries, salad and speciality brown sauce, it is definitely worth every cent. 

Colllin's Grille Bento
What sets Collin’s Ocean Fish & Chips is the crispiness of the fish fillets. It gives a satisfying “crunch” yet the fish inside is moist and tender. 

Colllin's Grille Bento

I was really looking forward to having Grilled Tender Lamb Chop, but I was sadly disappointed. Not only did they forget my order, but the lamb chop was also a far cry from what I was expecting. It was totally overlooked and the meat was so tough that I left almost half of it untouched. 
Collin’s serves high-quality Western dishes with subtle Japanese fusion. Having numerous outlets means that Collin’s is able to serve premium ingredients at affordable prices. If you are going during lunch time to try out Collin’s Valulocious Lunch Deals, be prepared to wait for a little and forgive a few mishaps. 
Collin’s Grille & Bento
Address: 6 Raffles Bouelvard, Marina Square #01-204/205
Telephone: 62646228

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