Fish Mart Sakuraya (West Coast Plaza)

If you are staying in the West and you want to have Japanese food, Fish Mart Sakuraya is a choice to consider.

The Chara Mushi is smooth and delicious. You can taste the chicken broth and pieces of chicken and mushroom. The steamed egg is silky smooth and slips right down your throat. Be careful, it is very hot. 

This is a Fish Mart, so naturally eating fish is the best option here. Out of the grilled options, I chose Grilled Shishamo. The shishamos is not crispy enough on the body, but the head is slightly burned. There’s definitely room for improvement.
 The Hand Rolls are fresh and delicious.

Ume is of the four sushi sets available. The sushi are fresh but the sashimi are a little dry. The sushi rice could be more moist. Overall, it is not too bad for the small price.
Una Don is a good option for when you are very hungry. Well- flavoured sushi rice lies below pieces of well-grilled unagi. It is a satisfying bowl.

Bara Chirashi Don is what I would call “happiness in a bowl”. Pieces of fresh sashimi covers the sushi rice. The sashimi are fresh but I do wish there is more rice.
Fish Market Sakuraya is a good place to get a fulfilling Japanese meal at very economical prices. Food is fresh, though not fantastic, will definitely fill you up.
The service of the staff, however, is much to be desired. I have not seen any of the staff smile on the few times I was there. They look more like robots than humans. I guess I can’t really expect much service when there is NO GST and NO SERVICE CHARGE.
Fish Mart Sakuraya (West Coast Plaza) 
Address: West Coast Plaza #B1-50/51/52, 154 West Coast Road
Telephone: 67736973 
Opening Hours: Daily 10.30am – 10pm

Fish Mart Sakuraya (Parkway Parade)
Address: Parkway Parade #B1-83D, 80 Marine Parade Road 
Telephone: 63454714 
Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday, Sunday & Public Holiday 11am – 9.30pm; Friday – Saturday 11am – 10pm 

Sashimi House Sakuraya (Anchorpoint)
Address: Anchorpoint Shopping Centre #01-32, 370 Alexandra Road
Telephone: 64742495 
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm

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