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Masizzim (Westgate) – Korean Food with a Modern Twist

Masizzim (Westgate)
Masizzim created quite a stir when it opened its first outlet at 313 Somerset in 2015 and again in 2017 when the second outlet at Westgate opened. 
Masizzim is a Korean casual restaurant that is hugely popular in South Korea. Brought in by K Food Holdings who also brought in Chir Chir, Masizzim is a combination of two Korean words: “masi” which means “delicious” and “zzim” which means “stew”. Masizzim is famous for their “galbi jjim”, beef and pork stew dishes. 
Masizzim (Westgate)
Masizzim (Westgate)
Tuna Seaweed Egg Roll [$10.80] and Honey Mustard Cheese Egg Roll [$9.80] are two of the newer side dishes that have become hugely popular. I thought the tuna and seaweed combination is pretty common so I decided to go with the Honey Mustard Cheese Egg Roll. I like the rolled egg omelette which reminds me a little of Japanese tamagoyaki and the addition of oozy cheese makes it more luxurious. I personally feel that the honey mustard sauce is redundant although it lends a sweetness to the dish. 
Masizzim (Westgate)
There are 4 steps to ordering stews at Masizzim: 
1. Choose the type of stew: Beef, Pork, Chicken (spicy only) or Seafood (spicy only)
2. Choose the flavour of stew: Soy or Spicy (level 1-4)
3. Choose noodles: Udon or Glass Noodles 
4. Choose optional add-one: Cheese ($2), Toppoki ($2) or Extra Noodles ($2)
This is their signature Beef Rib Stew [$18.80 for a single portion, $32.80 for double portion] that garnered rave reviews from many celebrity bloggers and I just had to try it for myself to see if it is worth all the hype. The beef is marinated overnight and cooked for 6 hours in special Masizzim recipe sauce before being served in a cast-iron pot. The beef ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender and the sweet-salty broth make it irresistible. 
Alternatively, these is Spicy Seafood Beef Stew [$38.80 for two persons], Spicy Seafood Stew [$36.80 for two persons], Spicy Chicken Stew [$16.80 for a single portion, $29.80 for double portion] and Pork Rib Stew [16.80 for a single portion, $29.80 for double portion]. 
Masizzim (Westgate)
Masizzim (Westgate)
Masizzim lets you make your own Korean riceballs. You have a choice of Rice Ball (Crabmeat & Roe) [$10.80], Rice Ball (Tuna) [$9.80] or Rice Ball (Anchovy) [$9.80]. Don your gloves, mix the ingredients together and make those balls which tastes surprisingly tasty. 
Besides stews and rice balls, Masizzim also has a range of tasty Korean dishes such as pancakes, spicy beef and spicy pork.
Masizzim (Westgate) 
Address: 3 Gateway Drive, Westgate #01-07, Singapore 608532
Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday 11am – 10pm; Friday – Saturday 11am – 11pm
Masizzim (313@Somerset) 
Address: 313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset #B2-02, Singapore 238895
Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday 11am – 10pm; Friday – Saturday 11am – 11pm

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