Mitsu Sushi Bar – Super Fresh Sashimi and Sushi

A new friend that I made during a hiking trip was returning back to the US and I wanted to treat him to a farewell dinner. He said he wanted to have some good sushi so I brought him to Mitsu Sushi Bar.

Mitsu Sushi Bar - Restaurant FrontMitsu Sushi Bar is a small Japanese restaurant on Duxton Road that specializes in sushi and sashimi. There are also Japanese rice bowls, noodles, seafood and meat dishes.


There are only counter seats on the  ground floor of Mitsu Sushi Bar. These 12 counter seats all face the counter, giving you full view of the sushi chef at work.

The wooden earthen furnishings makes this small Japanese restaurant feel very authentic.

Mitsu Sushi Bar - Counter SeatsThere are Japanese-style rooms on the upper floor for groups of 4 people and more (reservation needed).

The Food

To ensure optimal freshness and best selection of fish, Mitsu Sushi Bar ships fresh fish and produce five times a week from two of Japan’s most well-known markets, Kyushu and Hokkaido.

Mitsu Sushi Bar - Sake DisplayMitsu Sushi Bar serves a wide variety of sake and sochu to complement their seafood dishes. The restaurant even imports fresh unpasteurized sake via cold-chain supply to ensure the finest quality.

This is Mitsu Sushi Bar’s menu in PDF format which you can also find here.

Mitsu Sushi Bar - Fugu Mirin BoshiI have always wanted to try fugu (Japanese pufferfish) so I ordered Fugu Mirin Boshi (Grilled Marinated Pufferfish [S$13]. I was really disappointed because these look like warmed-up fish strips. They don’t bear any resemblance to pufferfish, the only good thing is there is no fishy taste.

Mitsu Sushi Bar - Shiromi Haru MakiEven though Shiromi Hari Maki (Fish Meat and Burdock Spring Roll) [S$7] is from the Recommendation menu, I am not impressed. It tastes like regular deep-fried spring rolls, all I could taste was the burdock.

I have always wanted to try omakase where the chef decides you eat but the hefty price puts me off. Mitsu Sushi Bar offers lunch and dinner omasake sets at S$68++ – S$188++ and S$118++ – S$298++ respectively.

Mitsu Sushi Bar - Kaze SushiYou can also order sushi sets such as Kaze Sushi [S$78] from the ala carte menu. The Kaze sushi set comes with 8 pieces of sushi and 1 maki. The staff explained the 8 pieces of sushi and they were:

  • Toro Sushi
  • Flounder Fin with Uni Sushi
  • Shima-aji (Stripjack) Sushi
  • Kimedai (Golden Eye Snapper) Sushi
  • Madai (Sea Bream) Sushi
  • Ikura Sushi
  • Tamago Sushi
  • Hegitoro Maki

The sushi changes according to the type of fish available.

Mitsu Sushi Bar - Kaisen DonFor the carb-lovers, donburis such as  Kaisen Don [S$38] is a great option. You get thick pieces of tuna, salmon and anmberjack, melt-in-the-mouth uni, sweet Hokkaido scallop, sweet shrimp, squid and egg omelette roll on a bed of sourish sushi rice.

Mitsu Sushi Bar

Address: 21 Duxton Road, Singapore 089487

Telephone: 62210888

Opening Hours: Daily 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm


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