Ngon: Deliciously Vietnam

After a major refurbishment exercise, the basement of One Raffles Place (formerly known as OUB Centre) has been transformed into a food haven featuring more than 40 food outlets. 
Ngon means “delicious” in Vietnam and that is exactly what this restaurant hopes to achieve: bringing you “Deliciously Vietnam” (that’s their slogan) food. 
Helmed by Vietnamese chef Lucas Dinh, you can be assured of the authenticity of the food.

Ngon also offers set lunch promotion which includes main course, 2 pieces deep-fried spring rolls and a drink.

Lemongrass is a signature Vietnsmese drink, but it is mostly served as lemongrass tea rather than this lemongrass drink which is really diluted sugar syrup with an almost-negligible hint of lemongrass. 

Deep Fried Spring Roll looks kind of sad in a corner of the plate. I wish there could have been some garnish in the form of a small salad to balance the oiliness of the spring rolls. I can’t complain taste-wise with the delicious radish filling.

Beef Slices (Medium) has a full-bodied broth and well-cooked noodles. The beef slices are fresh and tender. Altogether, a statisfying bowl that will keep you warm in both body and spirit. 
Ngon is the only the second Vietnamese restaurant that I have tried so far so I can’t really say which is better, but Vietnamese cuisine is definitely something I sang to explore further.
Address: 1 Raffles Place, One Raffles Place #B1-17
Opening Hour: Daily 10am – 9pm

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