Nipong Naepong – Fusion Korea Ppong and Pizzas

If you thought Korean food is all about bibimbap and ramyeon, I am going to prove you wrong.
A new Korean restaurant has opened up in JEM and it’s all about fusion pizzas and jjamppongs.  
Nipong Naepong offers sets that make it cheaper to dine with large group of friends. Soda Set and Ade Set (500ml) are both priced at $50.80, the components are basicallly the same, Ade Set comes with 500ml of ade (sweet, fruit-flavored drink) 2 ppong and 1 pizza while the Soda Set comes with 2 sodas (Coke/Sprite/Lemon/Apple/Grape). The most expensive Ade Set (1L) [$54.80] tops up ade of your choice to 1 little. 
This is Nipong Naepong’s signature Ninae Pizza-Spinach [$18.80]. Trust the Koreans to come up with a weird pizza that combines cream cheese, spinach and cherry tomatoes. This is both a savoury and sweet pizza all in one. If you eat it on its own, it is a savoury pizza. If you drizzle some honey on it, it instantly becomes a dessert pizza. I just have one question: why are the spinach in the middle raw? 
Coco Pizza-Coconut [$16.80] is definitely a dessert pizza, no doubt about it. What makes this pizza special is the base of this pizza is actually made of tortilla. It gives this pizza the thin and crispy base that goes really well with the sweet cream cheese and shredded coconut. Have it with the fresh whipped cream for additional kick. 

This is Cha Ppong [$15.80], the classic seafood jjamppong that is commonly found in Korea. There are two spicy levels for this and I am already crying with just level 1. The soup is rich with the sweet aroma of seafood but the noodles are slightly soggy.

Non-spicy eater and cream-lovers like me are better suited for Vongole Ppong [$16.80]. The broth is a mixture of white wine, fragrant garlic and briny clams. The noodles are still a little soggy but the broth gives this ppong an Italian feel. 
This Lychee Yogurt [$12.90 for 1L (3-4 persons), $7.90 for 500ml (1-2 persons)] tastes almost like ice-blended lychee, the lychee tastes is very strong, with a slight creaminess from the yogurt.
Green Grape Soda [$7.90 for 500ml, $12.90 for 1L) is a new beverage but I personally feel that it loses to the Lychee Yogurt. It is refreshing and perfect for those who like carbonated drinks.
If you are sick of bibimbap and ramyeons, do give Nipong Naepong a try the next time you are in Westgate. You will be pleasantly surprised at how well the fusion dishes taste. 
Nipong Naepong
Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, JEM #01-16, Singapore 608549
Telephone: 62624078
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm

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