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Paddington House of Pancakes – Dessert Pancakes Are Delicious!

Mariem wanted to try out this place, so here we are. I have to admit, “House of Pancakes” sounds like this restaurant is really passionate about pancakes. The slogan of the restaurant is “we live for pancakes”, so far so good.
We ordered Cheesy Wedges & Fries. It looks good, but it really just passable. The fries are fat and soggy, the wedges are the same ones I can get at any supermarket. Sauces are plain mayonnaise and cheese with a wedge of lemon, which I can also get at any supermarket. If it’s all things I can get at any supermarket and there’s no real cooking involved, which means that I probably can do as good as or even a better job than them, why am I paying such money for such crap?!

Djion is grilled lamb shoulder with peach, plum and passionfruit mustard dressing, served with crepes. The combination of peach, plum and passionfruit in the mustard dressing is interesting but they should cut down on the peach and use more plum and passionfruit. Canned peaches are convenient but they are saturated with sugar, it would be great if they can use fresh peaches. This will result in a more tangy sauce, which I believe is what it’s meant to taste of.

Monaco is zucchini and onion pancakes with grilled herbed lamb shoulder with yogurt mint sauce and mashed potatoes. The lamb shoulders are marinated very well and grilled to perfection. The yogurt mint sauce, though innovative, would be better if it is less sweet. The zucchini and onion pancakes is rather interesting, although the zucchini is a little bitter. I am, however, rather annoyed by the presentation of the dish. Why do they stack everything on top of one another? As for the mashed potato, it is so salty I refused to touch it again after one taste.

This is “Original pancakes with fresh strawberries, ice-cream and whipped cream”. The pancakes are so soft and fluffy, there is really no need for anything else other than a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. If you eat the pancake with some ice-cream and a strawberry, it’s a whole new level of awesomeness. The whipped cream is made with full-cream milk and it is airy and light 

Pot of Gold, it sounds rich, doesn’t it? The dollar pancakes (mini pancakes that are made to resemble giant dollar coins) are small and tasty. Add on the marshmallows, chocolate sauce, ice-cream and nuts, it is one hell of a dessert. Judging from the happy expression on Mariem’s face, she is enjoying every last bit of it.
I was taking some photos with my iPhone because I needed to know the names of the food I am eating so that I can write about it and this waiter came up and said in a stern tone “no taking photo of the menu”. Okay, so you have a policy that does not allow customers take photos of the menu, but you could have said it in a nicer tone like “miss, please do not take photos of the menu”. I felt as if I am back in secondary school all over again, being scolded by the disciplinary master. 
Paddington House of Pancakes
Address: #02-35/36 City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road
Telephone: 66129029
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 11am – 10pm 

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