PappaRich (Suntec City)

PappaRich has been around for quite a while, but it is only when it opened an outlet in Suntec City that I got to sample their Malaysian offerings. 

I like that the Bandung is not overly sweet with subtle rose fragrance.

I wanted to try a little of everything so I ordered Super Rich Combo which includes aromatic nasi rich served with fried chicken drumstick, aromatic braised beef, sweet and spicy squid, potato, hard-boiled egg, lady’s finger, papadum and sambal. The chicken drumstick is tender with crispy skin. Braised beef is a little over-tenderized. Potato, hard-boiled egg and lady’s finger is unremarkable. My favorite portions of the meal are the sweet and spicy squid and papadum. The tentacles are stuffed into the squid giving it a statifactory bite. Papadum is crispy and light. 

I totally enjoyed Pappa Cendol. Coconut milk and palm sugar is drizzled over the mountain of ice, topped with green jelly noodles. The combination of milky coconut milk and palm sugar is intoxicating. Buried under the mountain of snow are red beans, creamed corn and attap chee. The best way to eat cendol is to mix everything together and let the different ingredient come together in your mouth to create a symphony. There are many variations of cendol, how many have you tried? 
Malaysia is a food haven where you can find at least 20 shops specializing in each of the dish featured here, each better than the other. I am quite sure the food at PappaRich can only be considered mediocre at best, but unless you want to take 2 hours to travel to Malaysia just for food, you can always count on PappaRich.  

Addresses of all 5 outlets can be found here.

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