PasarBella (Suntec City): Mad Dogs Bar & Grill

PasarBella is derived from the Malay word “Pasar” which means “marketplace” and “Bella” which means “beautiful” in Italian. Inspired by the quirky and rustic interior of Covent Garden in London and the rich aromatic scents of fresh organic produce in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market, PasarBella is a marketplace where traders of all kinds congregate to offer a marketplace experience like no other.

I have been wanting to check out this delightful place ever since I have learned of its existence a few years ago, but The Grandstand at Turf City is really out of the way for folks like me who do not drive, so I have been putting it off.

PasarBella has just opened a new outlet at the newly-renovated Suntec City and I am really excited to check out all the awesome foods. In fact, I am so in love with the idea that I am dedicating 2 month worth of post to PasarBella.

Next, let’s head over to Mad Dogs Bar & Grill for some grilled delights.

PasarBella (Suntec City): Mad Dogs Bar & Grill


PasarBella (Suntec City): Mad Dogs Bar & Grill


PasarBella (Suntec City): Mad Dogs Bar & Grill
 I was told by the staff that chicken is their speciality, so I went along with the recommended Chicken Thigh. No need to worry about the embarrassment of having to wrestle with a drumstick in public because the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender. The drumstick comes with skin that is grilled till slightly charred and crispy, I love the smokiness! There is a choice of bbq sauce or brown sauce, I chose bbq sauce and I think it compliments the tender chicken meat very well. The accompanying mashed potato is delicious with a subtle hint of creaminess and jicama slaw is refreshing with the addition of apple slices. 
PasarBella (Suntec City): Mad Dogs Bar & Grill
Lamb Chop, which is coated with mint sauce and served with a sweet and tangy sauce, is perfectly grilled. I asked for medium rare, which I personally feel is the best way to savour a good cut of meat. The mint sauce, coupled with black pepper, brings out the deliciousness of the lamb. Side dishes of couscous and ratatouille make the meal complete. 

Mad Dogs Bar & Grill is definitely the place if you are looking for some quality starches that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

PasarBella (Suntec City) 
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City North Wing #01-445
Opening Hours: Daily 10 am – 10 pm (Sarnies Coffee and Porsena’s Deli are open at 8 am)

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