Poulet (Bugis +) – Confidence Restored

I had a really terrible dining experience at the Great World City outlet the last time, but I would like to give Poulet the benefit of doubt because my first dining experience at the Raffles Place outlet was wonderful. Armed with slight apprehension, I decided to have dinner at the Bugis + outlet. I ordered almost the exact same dishes as the one I ordered at the Great World City outlet, just to see what is the difference in quality of food across the outlets.

Raspberry Winglets is done much better than the Great World City Outlet. The raspberry sauce actually looks like raspberry sauce and it is not overly sweet. The winglets are deep-fried till very crispy.
Poulet de Cranberry is much better than the one served at the Great World City outlet. The cranberry sauce actually looks like cranberry sauce, although I still think it would have been better if there is a distinct tangy taste to the sauce. The chicken is still hot when it arrived at my table and the mint leave look fresh enough.
I decided to change my dessert to Creme Brulee since there was nothing wrong with the dessert at the Great World City outlet. The serving is much bigger than many other places and the custard is the perfect balance between sweet and eggy.

I am happy to announce that my confidence in Poulet has been restored. Whatever happened that made my dining experience at the Great World City outlet such a dismay, I hope it will never happen again or at least I will never experience it again.

Please find the addresses and opening hours of all 10 Poulet outlets here.

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