Seasonal Salad Bar

Singaporeans love buffets because buffet means you can eat as much as you like for a fixed price, but there is just one little problem: most buffets in Singapore are not halal and buffets are not very healthy. This is where Seasonal Salad Bar comes in. There are more than 70 items to choose from, including fresh vegetables, ready-mix salads, soups pasta and fruits. All main courses come with the all-you-can-eat salad buffet.

You can either create your own customized salad with nearly 50 types of fresh vegetables and sauces. 

If you are lazy to create your own salad, there is a good selection of ready-mix salads to choose from. 

There is also pasta, daily soups, chips and fried finger foods such as spring rolls and torilla chips. 

There is a good selection of main courses which includes steaks, fish, chicken and seafood. This is Pepper Sirloin Steak and it has been grilled to perfection. The beef is tender and juicy It tastes even better when dipped in the accompanying brown sauce. I have read reviews that says the steaks here are overcooked and I am relieved to find otherwise. My only complaint is the vegetables are too hard. 

It’s not easy finding lamb chops in Singapore, good lamb chops are even more rare. Rosemary Lamb Chops totally exceeded my expectations. You can taste the fragrance of rosemary in every bite which show that the lambs chops are well-marinated. I asked for medium rare and I got lamb chops that are cooked on the outside with a beautiful red centre. However, the mint sauce that accompanies my beautiful lamb chops is too salty and the boiled vegetables are hard as rock. 

End your meal with fruits and fruit jelly for a healthy finish to an excellent meal. 

For the rest of us who are not so health-conscious, there is an ice-cream machine with free-flow ice-cream. Pull down the handle and let the soft and creamy ice-cream flow! Top your ice-cream with condiments at the right side for a fun-filled end to that scrumptious meal. 

If you don’t have time to enjoy a full meal at Seasonal Salad Bar, you can always grab a salad at the takeaway counter which is located at the other end of the restaurant. 
Seasonal Salad Bar offers you one of the most extensive salad bar buffet spread in Singapore. Halal certified, reasonable prices and attentive staff makes Seasonal Salad Bar the perfect place for friends and family to gather over a good meal. 
Addresses and telephone numbers of all four Seasonal Salad Bar outlets are available here (thank you Anonymous for updating me).

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