Seoul Garden – New Outlet in Clementi Mall

Seoul Garden - Interior

Seoul Garden recently opened a new outlet in Clementi Mall. This new outlet has seating capacity of 60.

Seoul Garden

Seoul Garden offers barbecue and steamboat for one price. There are three tier to choose from – Regular, Premier and Supreme. You can find the prices here.

Seoul Garden - Vegetables

The best part about Seoul Garden is halal-certified, so Muslim families can dine here without worry.

Seoul Garden - Cooked Foods

There is a small section of cooked foods such as fried dumplings and Korean rice cake which you can eat while your food is cooking.

Seoul Garden - Marinated Meats

There are 16 types of marinated meats plus different type of vegetables and steamboat ingredients to choose from. However, there is very limited seafood options with only prawns, mussels and scallops. The seafoods are not that fresh either, the scallops are pretty dry.

Seoul Garden - Vanilla Ice Cream

There is also free-flow ice-cream for dessert. Don’t be expecting any fancy flavors, it’s just your basic vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice-creams.


Seoul Garden - Featured Image

There is a reason why I have not been to Seoul Garden for so long – it’s too pricey for the ingredient selection.

For the price I pay at Seoul Garden, I have had much better barbecues and steamboats.

Seoul Garden

You can find the addresses and telephone numbers of all 7 Seoul Garden outlets in Singapore here.


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