Soup Restaurant (Suntec City)

Soup Restaurant has always been one of my family’s favourite restaurants because the food are relatively healthier.
Samsui Ginger Chicken is Soup Restaurant’s signature dish. Samsui women who worked in Chinatown during the old days only get to eat this once a year during Chinese New Year due to their own income. The chicken is steamed and dipped in ginger and sesame oil, which removes wind from the body. Having the chicken wrapped in cabbage gives a satisfying crunch and makes the dish healthier.
Ah Por Fan Shu Leaves is one of the popular dish, thanks to the use of fragrant oyster sauce.

Earthen Bowl Tofu With Luffa is a simple dish that reminds one of home.

Hometown Fried Fish Belly is another popular dish. The fish belly is fried till slightly crispy on the outside, yet the inside is still tender. 

Addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of all 14 outlets can be found here.

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