Sushi Express (IMM)

If you have read my previous two posts on Sushi Express (313@Somerset) and Sushi Express (CityLink Mall), you will know that this is the third Sushi Express outlet I have been to.

I am totally addicted to Sushi Express.

With everything priced at $1.50 per plate, what’s not to like?
Seasoned Capelin Roe is a classic sushi that can be found everywhere, and it is one of my favourite sushi. The crunchiness of the capelin roe is so satisfying. 

This is called Giant Scallop and my, it is huge. Scallop lovers will go crazy over this. Do note however that there’s always a balance in nature so scallop of this size is pretty much tasteless, but the sauce that accompanies should help.

Grilled Mackerel is utterly delicious if you can get the ones that are freshly-made.

Grilled Prawns are a little cold and leathery when it reached me but I imagine it must take quite good when freshly-cooked.

Grilled Salmon Belly is another one of my favourites although it is not exactly very healthy, but who cares when the fats are really the best part of this sushi.

I have fallen in love with Hana Maki ever since Stella introduced this wonderful creation to me. Sushi rice topped with mayonnaise and capelin roe, wrapped with salmon sashimi. Put the whole thing in your mouth and you will taste a burst of mayonnaise and salmon, the perfect symphony.

I still have not quite gotten used to the taste of Vinegared Gizzard Shad.

This is a variation of Inari, I don’t have the actual name but I am guessing “Seaweed Inari”? 

I have always been fond of Jellyfish, but the sushi version tastes a little wierd.

Ladies’ Fingers is a healthy snack, great for introducing some fibre into your meal.

I have never been fond of Miso Soup but I thought I will give it a try. I still don’t like it.

Octopus is very fresh, it’s almost like I am putting a live octopus in my mouth. 

Salmon Sashimi is definitely my favourite dish. I cannot get enough of the creaminess and chewiness of the raw fish slices. 

Scallop Lips has been a favourite of mine since young. The sweetness and crunchiness of the scallop lips leaves me craving for more.

Seasoned Octopus is another childhood favourite but Sushi Express’s version is a little sweeter than what I am used to.

Spicy Top Shell has a rather pungent taste which some people cannot stand.

I have nothing against Tilapia. The fish is fresh, it’s just that it tastes rather bland.
“Japanese Penna Cotta” is my favourite dessert at Sushi Express. It tastes exactly like the Italian dessert penna cotta. I have yet to find out the its actual name. 
I have always wondered how the Chocolate Brownie tasted like so I tried a plate. I have learned my mistake. It is dry and hard and I would have thought that I were eating cardboard if I had been none the wiser.
Blueberry Cheesecake looked kind of pretty with the purple twirls but it is rather dry and the cheesecake is not smooth.

Sushi Express is still one of the best places for a cheap sushi feast, but don’t be expecting top quality when you are just paying $1.50 per plate. If you are looking for something with more emphasis on quality and you don’t mind spending a bit more, Genki Sushi might be a good option.

Addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of all 12 outlets in Singapore can be found here on Sushi Express’s website.

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