Tipo Gnocchi – Halal Restaurant Specialising in Italian Dumpling


It has been more than half a year since I last met up with Mariem and our meetup is long overdue. Mariem suggested we try out Tipo Gnocchi, a new concept store by the Tipo group. I remembered loving the handmade pasta at Tipo Strada so I believe I will be in good hands at the new Tipo Gnocchi.

Gnocchi is a type of Italian dumpling. They are made of small lumps of dough most traditionally made of wheat flour, egg, salt, and potato.


Tipo Gnocchi is located around 10-minute walking distance from  the Sultan Mosque in Kamping Glam. The restaurant is within walking distance from Jalan Besar, Rocher, Bugis and Nicole Highway MRT stations.

Buses 7, 32, 51, 61, 63, 80, 145, 175 and 197 stop at the nearest bus stop.


Tipo Gnocchi - Interior

The restaurant is classy with shades of grey walls in contrast to wooden tables and black chairs. The minimalistic decor gives the place a touch of elegance.

There is a seating capacity of around 30 and it’s quite a popular restaurant so reservation is highly-recommended to avoid disappointment.

The Food

Tipo Gnocchi - Menu

The menu is simple with just a few options which makes it easier for people who have trouble deciding.

Tipo Gnocchi - Iced Tea

We were going to order White Grape [S$9] and Melon [S$9] mocktails but they ran out of mocktails so we had to settle for this Iced Tea.

Tipo Gnocchi - Calamari

This is probably the most crumbly Calamari [S$18] that I have ever had. The crispy batter falls right off the moment I took a bite. The cuttlefish inside is tender but I would have like it more with the crispy outer layer.

Tipo Gnocchi - Pear Salad

I like that they pre-mixed the dressing with the greens and add on the pear slices on top in the Pear Salad [S$10]. This allows us to eat the salad like graceful ladies without having to toss the salad ourselves.

Tipo Gnocchi - Seafood Kombu

Seafood Kombu [S$28] is one of the most popular gnocchi house specials, I saw it all over Instagram. This is unlike the creamy pastas I am used to, it has a certain Japanese-feel to it. The yuzu kosho clam broth is light on the palate with a slight yuzu fragrance. The handmade gnocchi comes with kombu, wakame and clams which gives the dish sweetness of the sea.


Tipo Gnocchi - Duck RaguThe duck ragu used in Duck Ragu [S$24] is braised overnight which explains why it is so well-marinated. The handmade gnocchi are served with sautéed swiss brown mushrooms, topped with grated grana padano and parsley which gives the dish more depth.

Tipo Gnocchi - Hazelnut Praline Tiramisu

We wanted to try both desserts but they only had Hazelnut Praline Tiramisu [S$13] and we were so glad we ordered that. I can hardly taste the espresso and the rest of the tiramisu hit all the right notes of sweetness and creaminess. The portion is pretty big, one serving was just nice for 2 person to share.

Tipo Gnocchi

Address: 785 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198753

Telephone: 90092402

Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm



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