Triple Three – International Buffet Restaurant at Mandarin Hotel Orchard

I have not started this food blog the last time I visited Triple Three with my ex-colleagues so this is the first time I am reviewing Triple Three.

Triple Three - Restaurant FrontLunch Buffet
Saturday: $98++ per adult; $33++ per child (6–12 yrs)
Sunday: $128++ per adult; $48++ per child (6–12 yrs)
Top up $45++ for 2-hour free-flow of Chandon Brut sparkling wine.

Dinner Buffet
Daily: $108++ per adult; $48++ per child (6–12 yrs)

Enjoy 1-for-1 lunch for adults when payment is made using a DBS/POSB/UOB credit or debit card.

Due to Covid-19 regulations, you can’t physically go to the counters and pick the food you want. You have to order from the forms and the staff will serve it to your table just like in RISE Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands.

Triple Three - Cream of MushroomEvery diner gets a complimentary bowl of Cream of Mushroom soup. The soup is thick and creamy. There are pieces of mushroom in the soup which adds a different texture.

Triple Three - Assorted Seafood PlatterI always start buffets with cold crustaceans and seafood. Assorted Seafood Platter looks a little pathetic with just1 piece of each seafood. There are tiger prawn, black mussel, snow crab leg and yabbies (crayfish). 

Triple Three - SashimiTriple Three - SushiThere are Sashimi (salmon, tuna, swordfish) and Sushi (ebi sushi, salmon sushi, california roll, spicy tuna roll) from the sashimi station.

Triple Three - Beef CubeTriple Three - Bean SproutBeef Cube from the teppanyaki station was the highlight of the meal. Even though the beef cubes are thoroughly cooked, each piece is tender and juicy. Order a serving of Bean Sprouts to balance your meal.

Triple Three - Honey Baked HamThe carving station was serving Honey Baked Ham on the day I visited. You can pair it with mashed potato, asparagus or sautéed mushroom. 

Triple Three - CarbonaraYou have 3 choices of pasta – Seafood Marinara, Aglio Olio or Carbonara with chilli flakes, parmesan cheese and/or onsen egg.

This is Carbonara with Onsen Egg. Each strand of the al dente pasta is coated with creamy cream sauce. The onsen egg that tops the pasta breaks open to reveal runny golden yolk that adds an additional layer of richness.

Triple Three - Slipper Lobster with Black Pepper SauceSlipper Lobster with Black Pepper Sauce is a signature dish of Triple Three. I find the meat of the slipper lobster slight tough but the black pepper sauce is spot-on.

Triple Three - Chawanmushi

Chawanmushi from the steam station is silky-smooth with a custard-like texture. It slips right down your throat, leaving a fragrant aftertaste in your mouth. 

Triple Three - Butter ChickenThis is Butter Chicken from the Indian station with plain and garlic naans. This is my first time having butter chicken and I expected it to be creamy and non-spicy. The curry turned out to be extremely spicy but I was right about the creaminess. 

Triple Three - Chocolate Lava CakeTriple Three - Assorted Petit GateauLast but not least, Chocolate Lava Cake and Assorted Petit Gateau from the dessert station. The chocolate lava cake is sinfully glorious. Molten chocolate lava flows when you cut into it. My favorite from the assorted cakes has to be the mango mousse cake which is not too sweet and has a lovely mango fragrance. 

Even though Triple Three is an international buffet with various stations, the food standard still pales in comparison to RISE Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands

Triple Three

Address: 333 Orchard Road, Mandarin Orchard Level 5, Singapore 238867

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 6.30am – 10pm; Saturday – Sunday 12pm – 3pm, 6.30pm – 10pm 


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