Located next to Saboten is Tsuru-Koshi, whose flagship stall at Takashimaya Food Hall has received rave reviews about the “slip-down-the-throat” udon. I have been meaning to try out this restaurant and now I have finally gotten my chance. 
Besides udon, Tsuru-Koshi also serves value-for-money bento sets.
If you are looking for a light meal, you can order bento sets such as Saba Shioyaki Bento Set or Salmon Sashimi Bento Set. Each set comes with a salad and fresh fruit, balancing out the oiliness.

If you are more greedy like me, go ahead and order the Tonkotsu Kakiage Udon Bento Set instead where you get a grilled prawn, salad, fresh fruit, kakiage, teriyaki chicken and saba shioyaki. 

Each bento set comes with a Mini Don or Mini Udon.

Tsuru-Koshi is famous for its udon and my main aim in visiting this restaurant is to try their udon. I like to sample foods in its purest form, so I ordered Tonkotsu Udon. I have to say that I generally do not like udon because it is usually thick and tasteless but Tsusru-Koshi’s udon has made me change my mind. It is really slip-down-the-throat smooth and its firm and springy texture sends waves of pleasure with every bite. However, its tonkotsu broth tastes more like a blend of chicken and miso stock and it is really rather salty. The light stock compliments the silky udon perfectly, I just feel a little cheated because it is not actually tonkotsu broth.
I am fully convinced that Tsuru-Koshi serves excellent udon although I do think they need to work on the broth. The quality of the bento sets can vary quite a bit but I cannot deny that they are value-for-money. Although there is still much room for improvement, it is a great place for families and couples and everyone else in between.

Tsuru-Koshi (IMM)

Address: 2 Jurong East Street 21, IMM #01-19
Telephone: 6261 3432
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm 

Tsuru-Koshi (Takashimaya Shopping Centre)
Address: 391 Orchard Road, Takashimaya Shoppong Centre #B2-01/02/03
Telephone: 6733 3432
Opening Hours: Daily 9am -10pm

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