TungLok Teahouse 同乐小聚 – Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng

I must have walked past TungLok Teahouse at least a hundred times yet I have never tried the food there until I went there for a business lunch.


The interior reminds me of a Hong Kong cha chaan teng with stripped  sofas in red and green colors.

Industrial lamps in bright colors and black-and-white patterned floor tiles adds to the nostalgic ambiance.

Dim Sum

TongLok Teahouse - Dim Sum MenuWe started off with a few dim sums to whet our appetite from the Dim Sum Menu.

TongLok Teahouse - Teahouse Signature Cheong FunTeahouse Signature Cheong Fun 一品海皇粉肠 [S$12.90 for 6 pieces] is such an interesting play on the classic chee cheong fun. The shrimps and scallions encased in crispy fried dough fritter gives such an interesting texture with the soft cheong fun on the outside.

TongLok Teahouse - Scallop and Prawn DumplingScallop and Prawn Dumpling 凤眼带子饺 [S$7.90 for 3 piece] is like the premium version of the classic siew mai. Instead of pork filling, this dim sum is filled with a whole prawn and scallop. It’s so satisfying to put the whole piece in my mouth and taste the explosion of flavors in my mouth.

TongLok Teahouse - Steamed Juicy Meat Bun (Xiao Long Bao)True to its name, the Steamed Juicy Meat Bun (Xiao Long Bao) 同乐小笼包 [S$6.90 for 3 pieces] are almost double the size of Din Tai Fung xiao long bao. They are served piping hot, so do be careful when eating.


TongLok Teahouse - Deep-Fried Prawn Paste Chicken WingWho can resist these Deep-Fried Prawn Paste Chicken Wing 虾酱中鸡翅 [S$13.80] when they are so crispy and aromatic? Prawn paste and chicken wings are a perfect match, a dish you can only find in Singapore.

TongLok Teahouse - Crisp-Fried BeancurdAnother equally addictive starter is this Crisp-Fried Beancurd 旺旺脆白玉 [S$9.80]. The beancurd is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The flavored salt sprinkled on top makes these tofu cubes super addictive.

TongLok Teahouse - Braised Rice Vermicelli with SeafoodBraised Rice Vermicelli with Seafood 海鲜焖米粉 [S$26.80] is a classic hinghwa delicacy. The rice vermicelli has fully absorbed the sweetness of the seafood broth, every mouthful is full of seafood unami.

TongLok Teahouse - Hinghwa Pan-Fried Seafood BaoHinghwa Pan-Fried Seafood Bao 兴化海鲜煎包 [S$11.80] reminds me of sheng jian bao. The usual sheng jian bao usually has beef or pork fillings while these have seafood filling which make them more luxurious.

TongLok Teahouse - Trio BBQ Meat Combination PlatterTrio BBQ Meat Combination Platter 烧味三拼 [S$39.80] is perfect for trying out a little of everything. You get a portion of their signature Roast Duck, Char Siew and Soya Sauce Chicken.

TongLok Teahouse - Sweet and Sour Pork RibSweet and Sour Pork Rib 糖醋小排 [S$26.80] is delicious with sweet and sour sauce and easy to eat too.

TongLok Teahouse - Sauteed Asparagus with Mushroom and GarlicSautéed Asparagus with Mushroom and Garlic 蒜蓉香菇炒芦笋 [S$18.80] is refreshing and healthy. The asparagus are so crunchy and goes really well with the mushrooms and black fungus.


TongLok Teahouse - Chilled Mango Cream with Pomelo and Sago topped with Ice-CreamChilled Mango Cream with Pamelo and Sago topped with Ice-Cream 雪山杨枝甘露 [S$8.80/person] is my favorite among the three desserts I have tried. I love how the scoop of ice-cream makes the common mango pomelo sago taste so great.

TongLok Teahouse - Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with LoganChilled Lemongrass Jelly with Longan 龙眼香荟冻 [S$6.80/person] is perfect if you want a dessert that is light-tasting. The lemongrass jelly is smooth, sweetened by the canned logan.

TongLok Teahouse - Chilled Purple Rice Puree topped with DurianIf you love eating durian, you will probably like Chilled Purple Rice Purée topped with Durian 榴莲紫米冻 [S$8.80/person]. I wish the purple rice were thicker and creamier which would go so much better the durian purée.

TungLok Teahouse 同乐小聚

TongLok Teahouse - DessertsAddress: 10 Sinaran Drive, Square 2 #01-73, Singapore 307506

Telephone: 68931123

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 11.30am – 3pm + 5.30pm – 10pm, Saturday- Sunday 11am – 5pm + 6pm – 10pm


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