W39 Bistro & Bakery – Desserts in the West

It seems like finding a restaurant that serves good desserts in the West side of Singapore is almost impossible until I found out from Burpple that W39 Bistro & Bakery is known for their desserts.

The last time I had Brunch at W39 Bistro & Bakery, I was seated outside because the indoor seating was full. This time I got to seat inside, and I took a good look around. This is a little reading corner where you get can a magazine to browse through while your food is being cooked. I think that is an excellent way of using that little corner. 

The glossiness of this cake is what attracted me in the first place, but it’s not just a “pretty face”. The chocolate cake is very moist and slightly warm, the shiny black coat is chocolate fudge. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and drenched in chocolate syrup, chocolate lovers will go crazy for this. Mister Chocolate is a fitting name, for it is what a true gentleman should be – good-looking on the outside and warm inside. Doesn’t this look like the perfect couple, Mister Chocolate is the gentleman (black tuxedo) and vanilla ice-cream is the lady (white dress)?

This is their famous Rainbow Cake. As compared to the Rainbow Cake at Spatula Bakery, the sponge cake is not as soft and moist and a little too crumbly. Lemon icing is used instead of cream cheese, which is light and delightful. This is the lighter version of Rainbow Cake.

I had Warm Honey Lemon for drinks. I find the drink a little too sweet, I would have preferred mine with less honey and more lemon.
Besides good food, I now have another reason to visit W39 Bistro & Bakery. I am going to try all their cakes. 
W39 Bistro & Bakery
Address:  39 Jalan Mas Puteh, Singapore 128637

Telephone: 9646 5372

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 10pm; Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: 9am – 10.30pm
(Closed on Mondays except on Public Holidays)

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