Yomoda Soba – Handmade Soba and Udon from Tokyo Now Here in Wisma Atria

I am so honoured to have the chance to collaborate with J Passport, a website that specializes in premium Japanese products and services in Singapore. 
J Passport has invited me to do a review on Yomoda Soba, a newly-opened in Japan Food Town on level 4 of Wisma Atria from Tokyo specializing in handmade soba that is made on-site using 100% buckwheat flour especially imported from Japan. This review will also be available on J Passport’s website: 
Yomoda Soba

Yomoda Soba

Yomoda Soba is a small restaurant located to the right of the entrance to Japan Food Town. The small Japanese restaurant is decorated with wooden furnishings and warm lights that give the place a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant seats roughly 20-30 people in wooden tables and chairs. 
Yomoda Soba

This is called the Tendon Set which consists of a small bowl of tendon and a choice of Seiro Soba (Cold) or Kake Soba (Hot). 
Yomoda Soba

Side dishes of shibazuke (Kyoto speciality of cucumber, eggplant, perilla leaves, ginger and myoga pickled in plum vinegar), tamagoyaki and marinated mushrooms that will give you a boost in appetite. 
Yomoda Soba

The tendon consists of prawn, braised pork, chicken, paprika, pumpkin and kidney beans tempura laid on top of fragrant Japanese rice, drizzled with delicious homemade sauce. 
Yomoda Soba

Made using only the real centre part of buckwheat and purified water, Yomoda’s soba and udon are freshly-made everyday in-store. There is more bite to it that the packaged ones found in supermarkets. Kake Soba is the hot version, the broth is dashi stock made from mackerel, sardines, bonito, kelp and shiitake mushrooms. Seiro Soba is the cold version, served with the dipping sauce made from a combination of dashi stock made from bonito and kelp and dark soy sauce.
Yomoda Soba serves both traditional-style sobas such as Kitsune Soba and Hanamiki Soba and quirky sobas such as Tomato Asari Soba and Hot Spicy Soy Milk Chicken Soba. There is a Daily Set me
There is currently a Special Lunch Set going on where you get to choose from Oyako Don Set (Chicken & Eggs Rice Bowl), Yomoda Curry Set (Yomoda Curry Rice), Buta Don Set (Pork Rice Bowl, Kakiage Don Set (Kakiage Tempura Rice Bowl) and Char Siu Don Set (Roasted Pork Rice Bowl) at just $15! 
Yomoda Soba
Address: 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria 4th Floor 
Telephone: 66946535
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 10 pm (Last Order 9.30pm)

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