Love Mee + Tuk Tuk Cha (Suntec City)

Love Mee is a new eatery at the basement of Suntec City Mall that specializes in freshly hand-pulled noodles called la mian, sharing the same dining area and ordering counter Tuk Tuk Cha which serves Thai-style drinks and desserts.
Love Mee

Love Mee
Love Mee
There are altogether 9 La Mian dishes to choose from such as the classic Minced Pork La Mian and Tom Yum Seafood La Mian for the spicy-lovers. This is Beef La Mian and I am rather disappointed. The broth is bland and tasteless and the noodle is soft and soggy, the beef slices are the only saving grace of this dish.

Love Mee
This is Garlic Seaweed, a classic Chinese side dish of thinly-sliced seaweed. I thought it was supposed to be fried with garlic, instead, it was mixed with a mildly-hot chilli oil which overpowered the taste of the seaweed. 

Love Mee
Thai Milk Tea is the original version of the popular Thai drink made with Ceylon tea sweetened with condensed milk. The other variations include Thai Green Milk Tea, Thai Black Coffee, Thai Milk Coffee, Thai Black Tea and Thai Homemade Lemon Tea. There are also many other beverages such as Ying Yang and Homemade Roselle. 
Love Mee
Golden Toast with Pandan Kaya may look simple but it is really tasty. Cubes of thick toast are deep-fried in butter and served with pandan kaya. The pandan kaya is not as thick as I thought it would be but this slightly watery kaya goes very well with the thick toasts, giving a creamy sweetness to the creaminess. Other variations include Golden Toast with Thai Tea Kaya, Golden Toast with Taro Kaya and Golden Toast + Condensed Milk – Milo. 
Love Mee
If you are looking for a place to have a quick lunch, do consider Love Mee’s Value Meal which consists of a side dish, a La Mian and a drink at just $10.90. 
Although Love Mee’s noodles are nowhere near the best, fast service and reasonable prices still draw many people to this small eatery during lunch hours. There are also 10 types of sandwiches available for purchase which are great for takeaway. 

Love Mee / Tuk Tuk Cha
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #B1-173/174
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 8 am – 10 pm
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