Allauddin’s Briyani – Briyani Specialist with 60 Years Experience

It is all my colleague’s fault. For some reason, she has been talking about briyani for the whole of last week. It’s enough to make me crave for briyani so I decided to get myself some briyani. I asked my colleague for a briyani recommendation and she recommended Allauddin’s Briyani in Tekka Centre.

Allauddin's Biryani Pte Ltd - Briyani Specialist Close

Located in Tekka Centre, Allaudin’s Briyani is located next to the toilet. It’s unfavorable location did not stop food-obsessed Singaporeans from seeking it out, such as myself.

Allauddin's Biryani Pte Ltd - Briyani Specialist

Allaudin’s Briyani calls itself the “briyani specialist” which probably has some truth. Allaudin’s Briyani Pte Ltd has been selling briyani since the 1950s which means it has more than 60 years. This unassuming briyani stall has been featured in numerous newspapers such as Sunday Times, The Window, You Magazine, Life!eats 

In fact, Allaudin’s Briyani is so popular that it has expanded into two stalls to accommodate the vast amount of orders. The stall in the corner sells pratas and Indian dishes such as murtabak and beehoon goreng. There is another stall diagonally opposite operating under the same name that sells briyani.

Allauddin's Biryani Pte Ltd - Mutton Briyani Set

Allaudin’s Briyani sells Chicken Briyani and Mutton Briyani. Chicken Briyani sounds too common so I decided to get the Mutton Briyani [S$6] instead.

Allauddin's Biryani Pte Ltd - Mutton Briyani

The yellow basmati rice is fluffy and infused with lots of spices. It is wetter than other briyani I have tried. It comes with a huge chunk of tender mutton drenched in savory curry sauce. 

The set comes with a separate bowl of curry and three piece of papadum (Indian crackers) which I absolutely adore.

Allauddin's Biryani Pte Ltd - Menu

Besides briyani, Allaudin’s Briyani also serves all the regular Indian staples such as pratas, mee goreng, soups and murtabak.

I am no expert in Indian food, but you can’t go wrong with more than 60 years of experience.

Allaudin’s Briyani

Address: 666 Buffalo Road, Tekka Centre #01-232, Singapore 210666

Telephone: 62966786

Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 8pm

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