Ann Chin Popiah – Popiah Stall with 64 Years of History

I have never really been a fan of popiah until I tried Ann Chin  Popiah.

Apparently, Ann Chin has been around 1958, which means it has been around for 60+ years. That’s quite a feat, considering Singapore has only been independent for 57 years.

Ann Chin’s signboard proudly proclaims “Michelin Guide 2018” where Ann Chin was awarded Michelin Plate.

Ann Chin Popiah - Stall Front

Even though the award was for the flagship stall in Chinatown, but I find the popiah at the Clementi outlet equally as good.

Popiah is a popular snack in Singapore. It is said to have originated from Fujian region in Southeast China. It is a popular dish among the Chinese community in Singapore and it is often used as an offering during Qingming Festival.

I think what makes Ann Chin Popiah so special are their handmade popiah skin and fried garlic.

The handmade popiah skin is paper-thin yet chewy and tough, holding all the ingredients together. The little golden nuggets of fried garlic gives the popiah a nice crunchy texture. The balance of sweet and savory is what makes Ann Chin Popiah stand out.

Besides popiah, Ann Chin also has kueh pie tee, yam roll and curry spring rolls.

Ann Chin Popiah - Featured Image

I like that the kueh pie tee cups are crunchy. These savory cups are filled with radish filling and topped generously with eggs, fried garlic and fried shallots. Every cup gives you the perfect balance.

Ann Chin Popiah

You can find the addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of all 9 Ann Chin Popiah outlets here.

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