Beaulieu House – Colonial Style Restaurant in Sembawang Park

Beaulieu House - Restaurant FrontI was attending an event in Sembawang Park when I discovered a hidden gem of a restaurant by the name of Beaulieu House.

It used to be the seaside house of a David family who worked in the mining business. It was acquired in the 1910s by the colonial government and housed senior engineers, surveyors and the second in command of the China-British Naval fleet, Admiral Layton for 2 years 1940-1942. During the Japanese Occupation, it was said to be used by the Japanese as Headquarters. It is now a seaside restaurant managed by Sembawang Seafood Paradise Pte Ltd and it is a popular venue for weddings.

The Food

As you can see from the menu, Beaulieu House offers Western cuisine, Chinese seafood and local delights.

Beaulieu House - Homemade Speciality Beancurd

I typically go for anything with the word “homemade” so Homemade Specialty Beancurd 招牌翡翠豆腐 [S$15] is right up my alley. The tofu is freshly-made in-house with vegetable juice hence the greenish color.

Beaulieu House - Steam Halibut Fillet with Black Fungus and Wolfberries in Soy SauceSteam Halibut Fillet with Black Fungus and Wolfberries in Soy Sauce 港蒸比目鱼配木耳和枸杞 300g [S$32] totally blew my mind with how tender the meat is. The soy sauce makes the fish taste almost sweet, the flesh literally melted on my tongue.

Beaulieu House - Western Grilled Baramundi Fillet with Ginger and Scallion VinaigretteIf you prefer your fish done in Western style, there is Western Grilled Barramudi Fillet with Ginger and Scallion Vinaigrette 西式煎金目鲈配姜葱酱 [S$20]. Even though the 200g fish is perfectly seared, seabass is pretty bland by itself. That’s why it is drizzled with homemade ginger and scallion vinaigrette to give it more flavor.

Beaulieu House - Chilli Crab

You can choose the cooking method of your Live Mud Crab 螃蟹 [Seasonal Price/时价]: Salted Egg and Milk 奶黄 / Chilli 辣椒 / Black Pepper 黑椒 / Ginger and Onion 姜葱 / Kam Heong 甘香 / Steam Egg White and Hua Diao 花雕蛋白蒸.

Beaulieu House - AlfredoIf all else fails, there is always spaghetti such as Alfredo 奶油香菇鸡丁 [S$15].

Beaulieu House - CoconutIt’s interesting that they put Coconut 泰国椰子 [S$6] under Healthy Drinks. There are also unhealthy drinks such as alcohol, beers, wines and cocktails.

Beaulieu House is still under the radar but it is packed on weekends so do make a reservation in advance especially if you are dining with the whole family.

Beaulieu House - Entrance

Beaulieu House

Address: 117 Beaulieu Road, Sembawang Park Carpark, Singapore 759837

Telephone: 62579234

Opening Hours: Daily 11 – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 10.30pm


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