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Cafe-Hopping: Krave

It has been a while since Mariem and I went cafe-hopping so we decided to meet up and check out a few of the cafes mentioned in “10 New Halal Cafes in Bugis” by Singaporeplus.
Krave is a small halal restaurant with both indoor and outdoor sitting.
The good people at Krave have put together a table made out of wooden boxes that supports a water dispenser for the people waiting in line. 



The menu features many cafe favorites such as burgers, pizza and pastas.
Sweet Potato Fries came in a tin can, accompanied by 3 types of infused mayonnaise. The sweet potato strips are really sweet, I personally feel that the 3 infused mayonnaise sauce are a a little redundant because the sweet potato fries are perfect as they are, but they do give an extra creaminess that some may enjoy. Mariem complains that it is too expensive for the small quality but I feel that it’s worth every cent.  



I like the sound of The Burger which makes it sound so authoritative. 200g of homemade beef patty, served with fries. I can tell, the burger is huge. The beef patty is very juicy, but I would have preferred that the patty be flatter so that it’s easier to cut. The caramelised onions on top of of the patty gives a nice touch of sweetness while the bun is nicely crispy with a soft centre.
Prawn Cremoso is a beautiful pasta of seared black tiger prawns in cream sauce. The black tiger prawns look a little disappointing because they looked like very ordinary prawns when I was expecting them to be bigger than the average prawns. The cream sauce is another thing altogether. It is as creamy as it can get, you can literally taste the Parmesan bits.
Chempedak Creme Brûlée is Krave’s version of the popular French dessert. Crackling caramelised top, creamy custard and pieces of the golden-orange fruit that looks like pieces of gold nuggets. The addition of chempedak, a Malaysian fruit that is the super-sweet and milky version of jackfruit, cleverly infuses Southeastern flavour to a timeless desert, the perfect Asian-French fusion. However, I personally feel that it is just a little too sweet.
Good food, good service from the staff and relaxing environment makes Krave a halal restaurant you will want to visit time and again.
Address: 28 Bali Lane
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 10pm

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