Cafe-Hopping: Le Kue

It has been a while since Mariem and I went cafe-hopping so we decided to meet up and check out a few of the cafes mentioned in “10 New Halal Cafes in Bugis” by Singaporeplus.
LeKue is a hole-in-the-wall dessert place that serves French-Asia cakes and drinks. In fact, it is so inconspicuous we had to walk up and down Haji Lane twice before I finally spied the small signage.



The interior is designed to be cosy with soft lights and a sofa filled with throw-pillows.
The menu only shows the beverages.
The full name of Cox’s Apple should be Cloudy Cox’s Apple Juice and it is a delicious drink with a sharp tang that is very refreshing when served chilled.


Le Kue Lemonade is one of the restaurant’s specialty drink and highly recommended by the staff. Lemon juice and soda water is served in a tall glass topped with a scoop of mango sorbet. Sour and sweet, this invigorating drink is perfectly suited for the humid weather of Singapore.
There is an assortment of delicious-looking cakes such as Brownie Espresso Brownie, Coconut Snowball, Carrot Mango Yogurt Gateau In A Cup. All pasties are handcrafted by the chef using traditional French techniques combined with seasonal fruits and regional flavors.


They have lofty aspirations but they may have to fine-tune the process a little. Take this piece of Chocolate Raspberry Jewel for example. It looks really pretty but it did not have the smoothness and creaminess that I was anticipating. The layers fall apart and the cake tastes
more like leather. My suggestion is to consider warming the cakes a little before serving, but how they are going to do that without destroying the cake is anyone’s guess.
Le Kue is a cosy little place where an idle afternoon can be spent people-watching while nursing a drink and nibbling on the not-so-great French-Asian fusion pastries. Le Kue is not halal-certified but they try to source ingredients from halal and organic suppliers.
They do birthday cakes (5 days in advance) but I don’t see a catalog of any kind either in the shop or on their website. I think it would be good to drop them an email if you would like to order a birthday cake.
Le Kue
Address: 20 Bali Lane
Telephone: 62914110
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday 2pm – 12 midnight; Saturday 11am – 12 midnight; Sunday 11am – 11pm

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