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Cafe-Hopping: BetterField

It has been a while since Mariem and I went cafe-hopping so we decided to meet up and check out a few of the cafes mentioned in “10 New Halal Cafes in Bugis” by Singaporeplus.

Mariem and I were all ready to give up when we finally found it tucked at the back of Waterloo Center. I am amazed that people can actually find the place, much less book the place for a function.

It seems that The BetterField is a family business with the mother (the stern-looking women in spectacles), the daughter (the girl in ponytails) and the son (the handsome young man in white t-shirt) but this is just my guess.

French Duck Confit looks alright but one bite and you will know how horribly wrong you are. The duck confit is so salty and dry I won’t be surprised if it has been preserved in salt water. The meat come off in chunks and they are so leathery I nearly choked. The potatoes and sautéed mushrooms are covered with so much pepper I can’t really taste anything else. I am pretty sure this is definitely the worst duck confit I have ever had.

The duck is shredded in Pulled Duck Burger and mixed with a sweet and slightly spicy sauce and sandwiched between two charcoal buns and served with truffle fries and salad. The sweet and spicy sauce and the shredding of the duck makes the meat slightly less tough and a bit more flavorful. Truffle fries are not too bad and salad is fresh.

They have a cake counter filled with many lovely cakes but that awful French Duck Confit has totally ruined my appetite so I did not manage to try any. However, if the perfectly normal-looking French Duck Confit can turn out to be so disgusting, I am not sure if I want to risk it with the cakes.

The restaurant itself is not halal because they serve alcoholic drinks but all meats and ingredients are sourced from halal suppliers. Even then, it’s either I am really unlucky to visit on a day when the chef is having an especially bad day or the food here really sucks.
I think it will be a long long time before I will dare to venture in here again.
The BetterField: 
Address: 261 Waterloo Street, Waterloo Centre #01-23

I was chastened by my doctor when I recounted to her the horrible meal I had at The BetterField. She was like “Why do you bother going to some weird place when Rida La Cuisine and Saveur serve some of the best Duck Confit at affordable prices in Singapore!”    

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