Charr’d Steakhouse – Halal A5 Japanese Wagyu

It’s been almost a year since I last met up with my girlfriend at Tipo Gnocchi. She knows I love a good steak so she suggested Charr’d Steakhouse which opened in March this year.

Charr'd - Restaurant FrontCharr’d Steakhouse is located between Eunos and Kembangan stations. It’s a good 15 minutes walk from either station, perfect for working up an appetite.


Charr'd - InteriorThe red neon lights on the wall that says “Best Beef Cuts” brings out the steakhouse vibe of the place.

The Food

Charr’d - Menu

The menu features 2 starters, 6 mains, a sharing platter, 5 sides and 2 desserts to choose from.

Charr'd - MocktailsFirst comes our mocktails which are The Greenhouse Effect [S$12] and Muscat Kick Fix [S$12]. They are really more like flavored and colored extremely-sweet soda drinks.

Charr'd - Truffle Fries

Nothing special with the Truffle Fries [S$13] with the usual shaved parmesan and truffle oil.

Charr'd - Cream'd Moonlight SpinachThe Cream’d Moonlight Spinach [S$13] really blew my mind. The addition of parmigiano-reggiano cheese, cream, pine nuts and onsen egg takes away spinach’s bitterness.

Charr'd - A5 RibeyeCharr’d specializes in A5 Kuroge wagyu from Mie prefecture, so of course we have to try their beef. They offer A5 Ribeye [S$58] and A5 Tenderloin [S$78] which I find a little expensive as it’s just 100gm per serving.

Charr'd - A5 Tenderloin

The steaks are tender and juicy, I won’t expect anything less from A5 Japanese wagyu beef but it’s really the sauces that makes all the difference. House Bearnaise [S$5] tastes similar to hollandaise sauce with a creamy texture while Chimichurri [S$5] is tangy and  slightly spicy which goes really well with the tender meat.

Charr'd - House CrofflesWe ended our meal with House Croffles [S$13]. Croffles are hybrid of croissant and waffles, they are supposed to be crispier but I seriously don’t see the difference.

Charr'd - Featured Image

Charr’d Steakhouse

Address: 324F Changi Road, Singapore 419799

Telephone: 80314122

Opening Hours: Closed on Mondays, Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 10pm


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