Chinese Cuisine 中国美食 – Northeastern, Hunan and Sichuan Cuisines

My colleague recently brought me to a Chinese restaurant run by a friend of hers.

Chinese Cuisine - Restaurant Front

Chinese Cuisine - Interior
This Chinese restaurant on Balestier road is helmed by two super chefs from China who both have more than 20 years of experience. Together, they whip up Northeastern, Hunan and Sichuan dishes.

Chinese Cuisine - Mixed Chicken Gizzard Salad

This Mixed Chicken Gizzard Salad 凉拌鸡胗 [S$8] is a refreshing appetizer. The chicken gizzard is well-seasoned with just the right amount of chilli and seasoning.  

Chinese Cuisine - White Mushroom with Salted Egg Sauce

White Mushroom with Salted Egg Sauce 咸蛋白玉菇 [S$12] is a new dish. I wish the salted egg taste could be stronger, but it is nevertheless very addictive. Anything with salted egg become very addictive by default, at least to me.

Chinese Cuisine - Garlic Bean Sprouts

There are many choices of vegetables available but the staff recommended bean sprouts which just came in that day. I ordered Garlic Bean Sprouts 蒜蓉豌豆苗 [S$8]. The bean sprouts are very fresh and crispy, the garlic brings out the natural sweetness of the bean sprouts.

Stew Lamb Rib Pot 红焖羊肉锅 [S$22] is a speciality dish of this restaurant. The lamb ribs are tender and there are lots of vegetables. Although it looks very red, it is only mildly spicy. 

Chinese Cuisine - Pork with Long Cabbage Dumpling

Chinese Cuisine - Pancake with Leek

Northeastern cuisine is known for their dumplings, Pork with Long Cabbage Dumpling 猪肉白菜水饺 [S$5 for 10 pieces] is a classic example of dumpling. Pancake with Leek 葱油饼  [S$3] is another common dish in Northeastern China. 

Chinese Cuisine on Balestier Road serves value-for-money dishes of Northeastern, Hunan and Sichuan cuisine. 

Chinese Cuisine 中国美食

Address: 373 Balestier Road, Singapore 329789

Telephone: 82869663

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12pm – 12am (closed on Mondays) 

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