Inle Myanmar Restaurant – Authentic Myanmar Cuisine in Peninsular Plaza

It has been two months since I came back from Myanmar and I have been missing the delicious food I had there. I especially miss Lucky Seven Tea Shop’s Samosa Salad and Tea Leaf Salad from Mya Shwe Maung Tea Shop. (Please visit Myanmar page to see all my blog posts on Myanmar.) 

Luckily for me, Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and you can find almost every cuisine in Singapore. Peninsula Plaza opposite St. Andrew’s  Cathedral is known as “Little Myanmar” and there are quite a few Myanmar restaurants there. One of the more famous restaurant there is Inle Myanmar Restaurant.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Restaurant Front

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Interior

Named after the famous Inle Lake in Myanmar, Inle Myanmar Restaurant has been operating for more than 16 years. 

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Menu 1

The menu is well-designed with numbered photographs that corresponds with the dishes listed below.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Piclked Tea Leave Salad

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Pickled Tea Leaves Rice

Pickled Tea Leave Salad [Individual S$9, Mixed S$7] (laphet thoke) is an all-time favorite delicacy of Myanmar. The tea leaves are fermented, pickled and served with an assortment of condiments. There is also Pickled Tea Leaves Rice [S$8.50] for those who want something more substantial.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Papaya Salad

Thanks to culinary influence from neighboring Thailand, Papaya Salad [S$7] is as popular in Myanmar as it is in Thailand. Myanmar papaya salad tends to be a little less sweet and more sour, but it is just as refreshing.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Tofu Fritters

Calling them Tofu Fritters [S$7] is a little misleading as these tofu are made of chickpea flour instead of the more common soy beans. This gives them the yellow color and slightly nutty taste.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Mixed Pig's Organs

Mixed Pig’s Organs [S$9] is the same as pig skewers which can be found in every part of Myanmar. Various parts of the pig are chopped and cooked in an aromatic soup, very much like the kway chap we have in Singapore. For a full meal, try Bogyoke Market Vermicelli with Pig’s Organs [S$9.50]. 

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Gourd Fritters

This is the Gourd Fritters [S$7] that I didn’t get to try back in Bagan because they were sold out. It’s not as nice as I anticipated, it is rather bland and tasteless. It is served with a special sauce made of tamarind and chilli, which gives it a nice spicy and sour taste.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Mohinga

No Burmese meal is complete without a steaming bowl of Mohinga [S$8.50]. Many Burmese people consider mohinga as the national dish of Myanmar. This traditional Myanmar rice noodle dish is cooked in fish broth and served with egg, fishcake and chickpea fritters. There is also a Monhinga Set [S$12] where mohinga is served with a side dish (3 pieces) of gourd fritters.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - My Ae Oae Mee Shay

My Ae Oae Mee Shay [S$9] is hot and spicy rice noodle soup that is popular in Myanmar. It is too spicy for me, but it is nevertheless delicious. 

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Shan Warm Tofu

Shan Warm Tofu [S$8.50] is a specialty dish of the Shan state in Myanmar. It is a tasty dish of rice noodles topped with chickpea tofu paste.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Butter Flavored Rice with Chicken:Pork Curry

Thanks to culinary influence from neighboring India, curries have become a part of Myanmar cuisine. If you want to try Myanmar curry, Butter Flavored Rice with Chicken / Pork Curry [S$9] is a good choice. The chicken curry is rich and aromatic from special blend of species.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Traditional Fried Rice with Chicken

If you want fried rice, try Traditional Fried Rice with Chicken [S$9.50]. This fried rice has yellow beans and turmeric powder, served with crispy shallots, fried egg and a chicken leg. I find the chicken a little dry and the portion of the fried rice a little too generous.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Shan Traditional Rice

Shan Traditional Rice [S$8] is more commonly known as Shan Sour Rice. This is a popular dish from the Shan state where the rice is mixed with fish and potato to make it into a sticky mound. Although its name is “sour rice”, it is only slightly sour and usually smooth and slightly sweet. 

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Myanmar Beer

I didn’t get the try the award-winning Myanmar Beer [330ml can – S$3.50, 650ml bottle – S$6.50] back in Myanmar so I decided to try it here. This light beer reminds me of Snow Beer and Tsingtao Beer, I like it!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the prices are pretty cheap even though this is a well-established restaurant. Most dishes are less than S$10 and the portions are pretty generous.  

Inle Myanmar Restaurant

Address: 111 North Bridge Road, Peninsula Plaza #B1-07A, Singapore 179098

Telephone: 63335438

Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm 


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