Chunky Lobsters – Cheapest Lobster Rolls in Singapore

It has been many months since I had lobster roll at Burger & Lobster (Changi Airport) and I have been craving for it.

I found this eatbook article that talks about 10 places in Singapore to have lobster rolls. Perfect!

I’m going to start with Chunky Lobsters which has the cheapest lobster rolls of the lot.

Chunky Lobsters - Stall Front

Chunky Lobster has moved from Oxley Tower to Bugis Junction basement (the address on the eatbook article is not updated). 

Chunky Lobsters - Menu

The lobster roll are all the same, the only thing you can choose is the sauce. Original, Connecticut and Cheezy are priced at Small S$16, Medium S$22, Large S$28 while Mentaiko, Chilli Crab and Bonito sauce are slightly more expensive at Small S$18, Medium S$24, Large S$30. 

If you want a change, there are also prawn rolls. There are 3 sauces to choose from: Garlic Butter [Small S$7, Medium S$9, Large S$11], Mentaiko or Chilli Crab [Small S$9, Medium S$11, Large S$13]. 

Chunky Lobsters - Original Lobster Roll

This is the Original Lobster Roll [Small S$16, Medium S$22, Large S$28]. I thought the Original dressing means garlic butter, but it turned out to be an Italian herbs blend. 

The small portion is around half the size of Lobster & Burger’s Original Lobster Roll. I believe the large portion should be around the same size, but at a much cheaper price. 

4 huge chunks of fresh lobster meat are stuffed in warm brioche. The sweetness of the lobster meat and warm buttery brioche tastes perfect together. The Italian herbs that are sprinkled on top of the lobster chunks gives the lobster roll an additional fragrance. 

Chunky Lobsters - Mentaiko Prawn Roll

I also got myself a Mentaiko Prawn Roll [Small S$9, Medium S$11, Large S$13].

I counted 7-8 pieces of prawns, sandwiched in the warm brioche. The top of the prawn roll is covered with a thick layer of mentaiko cream sauce that is torched to give it a beautiful brownish color. The mentaiko sauce lends richness to the sweet crunchy prawns. 

All rolls are served with a side of healthy cassava chips.

Chunky Lobsters

Address: 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction #B1-K10, Singapore 188021

Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 8pm


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