Jue Wei Ban Cai 绝味拌菜 – Affordable Shanxi Cuisine in Chinatown

After trying out cheap massage at People’s Park Complex, I was hungry and decided to get some lunch. 

Jue Wei Ban Cai - Restuarant FrontI walked past Jue Wei Ban Cai 绝味拌菜 on my way in and the liangpi looked really tempting. I have not had a good bowl of liangpi in a very long while and I really miss it. Liangpi is a type of Chinese noodle made from wheat or rice flour. Liangpi originated from Shannxi region and is now very popular all around in China, especially in the northern and central regions where it is known as “liang pi zi”.

This small eatery has just a seating capacity of 8-10 people specializes in Sichuan cuisine which is famous for its numbing spicy foods.

Jue Wei Ban Cai - Shanxi Liang Pi

This is the Shanxi Liangpi [S$3.50] that I have been craving,  which is also known as majiang liangpi. You can choose whether you want spicy or non-spicy, this is the non-spicy version. The cold noodles is mixed with cucumber slices, bean sprouts, wheat gluten and a a concoction of Chinese sesame paste, vinegar and salt. (known as ma jiang in Chinese, this is where majiang liangpi gets its name). 

The board translucent noodles are thick and chewy while the bean sprouts and cucumber slices gives the dish a refreshing taste. The Chinese sesame paste lends its pungent fragrance to the dish. It is usually served cold, perfect for Singapore’s humid weather. 

Jue Wei Ban Cai - Vegetable with Pork DumplingsI also ordered a serving of Vegetable with Pork Dumplings [S$5 for 12 pieces]. You have a choice of cabbage or chives for vegetable, the meat is pork. The dumplings are cooked upon order and served steaming hot, each dumpling is plump and juicy. 

Jue Wei Ban Cai - Side DishesThere are 14 types of cold dishes to choose from, the variety changes from day to day. They are super tasty, but the cold dishes contain lots of monosodium glutamate (MSG) so consume at your own risk. 

Jue Wei Ban Cai 绝味拌菜’s Chinese cuisine are very authentic, their liangpi is to-die-for. The best part is their prices are very affordable, a meal of a main dish and 2-3 cold dishes will cost less than S$10. 

Jue Wei Ban Cai 绝味拌菜

Address: 1 Park Road, People’s Park Complex #01-29, Singapore 059108

Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 8.30pm

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