Coasta Coffee (Raffles City Shopping Centre)

Stella and I made plans to have lunch together, but my dear Stella was half an hour late which left me only 30 minutes to have a quick lunch and make it back to office. We abandoned our plans and headed to Costa Coffee, which was just beside the taxi stand.
Coasta Coffee has been around for more than 40 years, started by two UK brothers, Sergio and Bruno Costa. 
Hot Chocolate tastes very similar to The Coffee and Tea Leave’s Double Hot Chocolate, but it still loses to Max Brenner’s Italian Thick Hot Chocolate.


Chocolate Mint Cooler is nice with a strong minty taste but it is a little too sweet for my taste.


Smoked Chicken Croissant Sandwich is ideal for a light meal. Oven-warmed croissant is stuffed with pieces of smoked chicken and fresh vegetables.
Chicken Ham Egg Pits Pocket is nicely oven-toasted.
4 Tier Carrot Cake is a beauty to look at and tastes so good. The carrot cake itself is delightfully dense and moist and the creamy cheese icing adds to the richness.
With 9 outlets spread all around Singapore, it is not difficult to get hold of a cup of Costa Coffee. Addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours can be found here.

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