Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant (Takashimaya)

My parents and I were shopping in Takashimaya and it was dinner time. We wanted to have a good meal in a reputable restaurant,  so we chose Crystal Palace Restaurant. 
This is the order form, for your reference.

Steamed Chicken Feet With Black Bean Sauce is more for my parents than for me, but I am slowly learning to enjoy it. The chicken feet is steamed till very tender, 

Steamed Pork Rib With Black Bean Sauce is lip-smacking good. The black bean sauce is very light and is fully absorbed by the pork ribs. The pork ribs are coated with corn starch, making the meat tender and flavourful.
Baby Cabbage Sauteed With Minced Garlic is a very healthy dish. The baby cabbage is cooked yet retains its crunchiness.

Deep-Fried Vegetable & Mushroom Spring Roll is a little oily for me, but my parents seem to enjoy it.

Fried Rice In “Yang Zhou” Style is way too oily and I really don’t see anything special about it. It tastes like normal fried rice.

La Mian With Braised Beef Belly is really thin yellow noodles with over-tenderised beef belly.

La Mian With Roasted Duck also uses thin yellow noodles, but the roasted duck is good.
I feel a little cheated because I was expecting la mian when I order La Mian With Braised Beef Belly and La Mian With Roasted Duck, instead of thin yellow noodles. I guess the standard of food varies since Crystal Jade is a chain restaurant, I probably should not condemn the whole Crystal Jade chain of restaurants just because of one bad experience.

Address, telephone numbers and opening hours of all 44 Crystal Jade outlets in Singapore can be found here.

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