Da Miao Hot Pot 大妙火锅 – Authentic Sichuan Style Hot Pot

It has been quite a while since I had had hotpot, so my girlfriend brought me to a Sichuan hotpot restaurant that her friend highly-recommended. 

Da Miao Hot Pot originated from Wang Jiang riverside in Sichuan. It is managed by Biezhi Enterprise Management Ltd., an established restaurant chain operator in China. Since its establishment in 2007, Da Miao Hot Pot has earned its spot as a reputed restaurant chain. There are now 10 outlets in China and the Singapore outlet is their first overseas outlet. 

Da Miao Hot Pot - Restaurant Front

Considering Da Miao Hot Pot originated from Wang Jiang riverside in Sichuan, it is not surprising that Da Miao Hot Pot chose to have its first overseas flagship restaurant in Clark Quay. Clark Quay’s vibrant mix of international cuisines will it easier for Da Miao Hot Pot to penetrate the Singapore food scene. 

Located in Block C of Clark Quay, you can’t miss Da Miao Hot Pot with its bright red logo that I presume depicts the fiery red mala soup base that Sichuan is known for. The use of ceiling-to-floor glass panels in place of walls not only gives the restaurant a modern look, it gives the illusion of a bigger space too. 

Da Miao Hot Pot - Interior

Da Miao Hot Pot - Face-Changing Performance

Da Miao Hot Pot - Tea Art Performance

A long glass platform runs along the middle of the restaurant, this is where bian lian (face-changing) opera and tea art performances are held. 

Da Miao Hot Pot - Da Miao Traditional Yuan Yang Soup Pot

Damiao Yuan Yang Soup Pot [S$20] is the most classic soup base combination with spicy mala soup on one side and soothing pig bone soup on the other side. The tongue-numbing spicy soup is made with pure grapeseed oil freshly prepared in Sichuan and traditional blend of spices. You can choose between Pig Bone Soup, Fresh Mushroom Soup and Tomato Soup for the non-spicy soup base. There are various soup combinations. 

Da Miao Hot Pot - Ingredients

You can select from over 100 fresh ingredients, which includes Seafood, Meat, Traditional Sichuan Ingredients, Homemade Balls, Vegetables, Green Vegetables and Mushrooms. 

Da Miao Hot Pot - Condiments

There are 25 different condiments to choose from at the condiments counter. From coriander and vinegar to peppercorn flakes, you can find them all and more. 

Da Miao Hot Pot - Glutinous Rice Cake with Brown Sugar

Da Miao Hot Pot also offers many small bites and snacks, many of which are unique to Sichuan cuisine. Glutinous Rice Cake with Brown Sugar [S$6] is a traditional snack in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province in China. Premium glutinous rice flour are steamed and pounded. The glutinous rice are then made into bite-sized sticks which are then fried till crispy. Served separately with brown sugar and crushed peanuts, the sweetness of the brown sugar, crispy exterior and soft chewy inside comes together to create the perfect snack that is super addictive. 

Da Miao Hot Pot - Cold Jelly Dessert

Cold Jelly Dessert [S$3] is another iconic Chengdu snack, commonly eaten in summer. It is made from konjac, an Asian plant with an edible corm. Eaten with brown sugar, crushed peanuts and diced fruits, it is refreshing, cool, sweet and fruity. 

Da Miao Hot Pot - Covered Tea (Eight Treasures)


Da Miao Hot Pot serves a variety of drinks, from soft drinks and fresh juice to handmade drinks and wines. Sichuan produces some very high-quality teas, try Covered Tea (Jasmine) [S$4/Bowl] and Covered Tea (Eight Treasures) [S$5/Bowl]. 

Although Da Miao Hot Pot is not as famous as Hai Di Lao Hotpot, but the freshness of the ingredients, friendly service from the staff and special Chengdu cultural performances and snacks left a deep impression on me. Da Miao Hot Pot is open till 3am on Fridays and Saturdays, making it the perfect place for supper after all the clubbing in Clark Quay. 


Da Miao Hot Pot 大妙火锅

Address: Block C River Valley Road, The Cannery #01-11, Singapore 179022

Telephone: 62509969

Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday 11.30am – 10.30pm; Friday – Saturday 11.30am – 3am


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