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Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures and you can find restaurants of many cuisines here. Besides the most common Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western restaurants, there are also a number of Italian, French, and Spanish restaurants, but there are not that many Turkish restaurants yet. 
Today I am going to introduce you to a Turkish restaurant that I recently discovered in Millennia Walk called Donergy Turkish Kebab.  
Donergy Turkish Kebab - Restaurant Front
Donergy Turkish Kebab is a smallish restaurant in Millenia Walk sporting a bright red signboard which is impossible to miss. 
Donergy Turkish Kebab - Interior
The walls are decorated with enlarged pictures of famous landmarks in Turkey, such as the Sultan Ahmed (Blue Mosque) and Bosphorus Bridge. The pictures are so well-taken, they awake the travel bug in me every time I visit. One day I shall visit Turkey and have all the delicious Turkish food in Turkey itself.
Donergy Turkish Kebab - Counter
Donergy Turkish Kebab - Menu
There are 8 main dishes to choose from, those who are on a diet can opt for something in the vegetarian and low-crab menu.
Donergy Turkish Kebab - Mix Roll
Roll [$7.50 for Chicken, $8.50 for Beef, $9 for Mix] is a type of Turkish kebab that is commonly found in Singapore. The chicken/beef are wrapped in a unleavened flatbread called yukfa. Its compactness makes it ideal for takeaways and makes for a nice low-carbohydrate meal. 
Donergy Turkish Kebab - Tombik
For something a little more filling, try Tombik [$7.50 for Chicken, $8.50 for Beef and $9 for Mix] where a generous amount of roasted chicken/beef is stuffed inside a pita together with chopped vegetables. The marinated meats are flavourful and the pita flatbread is soft and tender. This is like the Turkish equivalent of the hamburger. 
Donergy Turkish Kebab - Lahmajun Lamb
Lahmajun Lamb [$8] is also known as Turkish Pizza, Lebanese Pizza, Syrian Pizza or Arab Pizza. Like its Italian counterpart, a thin flattened dough is toppped with minced meat, vegetables, herbs and spices. It tastes like thin-crust pizza with a pronounced smell of spice. There is an option to add cheese ($2), chicken kebab ($5), beef kebab ($6) or mix kebab ($7). 
Donergy Turkish Kebab - Turkish Tea
Turkish Tea [$2] is prepared using a kettle called “caydanlik” which is shaped like two kettles stacked on top of one another. The tea can be served strong (“koyu” in Turkish”), deep brownish-red (“tavsan kani” in Turkish) or weak (“acik” in Turkish). Judging from the brownish-red color, Donergy usually serve medium Turkish Tea, but I am sure they can make it strong or weak if you ask. 
Donergy Turkish Kebab - Turkish Aryan
Turkish Aryan [$3] is a popular drink all over the Middle East. It is a diluted yogurt drink flavored with salt and mint. Singaporeans may find it a little difficult to drink as we are used to sweet yogurts, but it’s pretty refreshing after you get used to it.
Donergy Turkish Kebab - Sutlac
Sutlac [$5] is Turkish rice pudding made of rice mixed with milk and water. Its taste is somewhat similar to the Italian panna cotta but with a mild sweetness from the rice.
Donergy Turkish Kebab - Baklawa
Baklawa [$3] is a sweet pastry made of layers of filo (very thin unleavened dough) and chopped nuts, held together with sugar syrup or sugar. Served in small squares, its sweetness goes very well with a cup of Turkish Tea.
Donergy Turkish Kebab - Kunefe
Kunefe [$10] is technically not a Turkish dessert but a Palestinian dessert made with cheese pastry soaked in sugar syrup. Donergy Turkish Kebab serves this dessert with whipped cream, giving it some richness. It is so sweet it will give you a sugar overload, best shared with at least 2-3 people.
Doergy Turkish Kebab is so much more than just a place to get a delicious meal of Turkish kebabs. Having a meal here is like going on a culinary adventure of the Turkish cuisine. The quick and fuss-free service makes this a great place to grab a quick bite. Judging from the number of patrons every time I am there, evidently I am not the only one who thinks so. 
If you find Turkish cuisine to your liking, there is also Turkish Kebab House in Suntec City Mall. 

Donergy Turkish Kerbab
Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millennia Walk #01-90, Singapore 039596
Telephone: 97788415
Opening Hours: Daily 10am – 9.30pm

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