Dynasty Fried Porridge 皇庭炒粥

Dynasty Fried Porridge - Stall FrontI am quite familiar with fried rice and fried noodles … but fried porridge? Apparently, it originates from Penang, Malaysia. I am going to try this fried porridge at Dynasty Fried Porridge, which is supposed to be the original and best in Singapore.

Dynasty Fried Porridge - MenuThis is a stall in Bistro 8, a corner coffeeshop on Foch Road. This stall is a zi char stall, besides fried porridge, you can order many zi char dishes as well.

Dynasty Famous Fried PorridgeThis is their signature Dynasty Famous Fried Porridge. The fried porridge is served in a claypot, I believe to retain the heat.

On first look, it looks like a cross between a very thick western soup and porridge. The rice grains have almost all broken down, the consistency is like a thicker version of Cantonese congee. Inside you will find pieces of spring onion, onions, yam and pork slices. But the real unami comes from the pieces of pork lard that are thrown in, these bits heavenly crisps make all the difference.

This is really comfort food at its best. I can definitely see myself craving for this whenever I am sick or feeling sad.

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Dynasty Fried Porridge

Address: 30 Foch Road, Bistro 8 #01-02, Singapore 209276

Telephone: 91223993

Opening Hours: 11.30am – 11.30pm

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