Fried Rice SG – The Wok-Hey-Lookalike in Royal Square @ Novena

Fried Rice SG - Restaurant FrontFollowing the rising popularity of Wok Hey, I wasn’t surprised that someone would try to replicate their success. The Wok-Hey-lookalike is aptly-named Fried Rice SG because it specializes in fried rice. 


Fried Rice SG - Fried Rice MenuFried Rice’s menu consists of Standard Series, Crafted Series and Side Dishes.

Standard Series features plain fried rice with different toppings while Crafted Series has different flavors of fried rice.

Standard Series 

Fried Rice SG - Egg Fried RiceThere are altogether 4 choices in the Standard Series. This is the basic Egg Fried Rice 葱花蛋炒饭 [S$5] without any topping. I find the quality comparable with Wok Hey’s and the portion size is pretty generous too. 

There is also Pork Chop Fried Rice [S$7.90], Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice [S$7.90] and Sautéed Prawn Fried Rice [S$6.90]. 

Crafted Series 

This is where things gets interesting and different from Wok Hey. There are 10 different combinations of fried rice bases and toppings to choose from. 

Fried Rice SG - Gam Hiong Prawn Fried RiceThis is Gam Hiong Prawn Fried Rice 甘香虾 [S$8.90] where the fried rice is infused with spicy dried shrimp sambal (hae bee hiam). The spicy dried shrimp sambal makes the fried rice really fragrant but I find it a little too salty for my liking. 

Fried Rice SG - Italian Herbs Chicken Fried RiceI also tried Italian Herbs Chicken Fried Rice 香菜鸡丁 [S$8.50] at the recommendation of the staff. I can’t really taste the Italian herbs, it just tastes like a saltier and darker version of the regular fried rice.

Side Dishes 

Fried Rice SG - Side Dishes MenuFried Rice has some pretty interesting side dishes.

Fried Rice SG - Chilli Crab with MantouChilli Crab with Mantou 辣椒蟹肉与蒸/炸馒头 [S$17.90] is perfect for those of us who love to eat chilli crab but lazy to peel crab. The shelled crab meat is  cooked with distinctively-Singaporean sweet and spicy chilli sauce. The restaurant doesn’t stinge on ingredients either, they give you half a box of chilli sauce loaded with crab meat. The 6 pieces of fried mantou is definitely not enough, I ate a whole loaf of bread with it. 

Fried Rice SG - Ah Ma's “Dangui Chicken”According to the owner, Ah Ma’s “Dangui Chicken” 阿嬷当归纸包鸡 [S$4] is made according to the recipe that his grandmother passed on to him. The chicken is tender with a lingering taste of the Chinese dangui herb. 

Fried Rice SG - Signature “Kong Ba Pa”Signature “Kong Ba Pau” 招牌扣肉包 [S$2.80 for 1 piece, S$8 for 3 pieces] didn’t disappoint. The thick pork belly slice is flavorful and cooked so well that you won’t find it oily at all. The soft fluffy lotus bun and crispy lettuce makes this a satisfying snack. 

Fried Rice SG proves to be more than just a Wok Hey copycat. Besides the normal egg fried rice, Fried Rice SG also serves creative fried rice combinations and delightful side dishes. 

Fried Rice SG

Address: 103 Irrawaddy Road, Royal Square @ Novena #01-08, Singapore 329566

Telephone: 66772112

Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 9pm


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